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Free Spins New Zealand Bonus Explanation 

Welcome to our Free Spins New Zealand Casino Bonus list for all Kiwis! Visit and get daily free spins and cash bonuses to All Online Casinos!

The most common form of a casino bonus is a welcome bonus. This is a bonus offered to new players in different deposit stages, ie at your first, second, third, fourth and sometimes fifth deposits. It usually varies a little on how many percents each welcome bonus is, but in general, it goes between 50-500%.

The percentage works like that if you get a 100% welcome bonus then your deposit doubles, you get 200% then your deposit triples, 300% then quadruple it and so on.

We think it is a very smooth and easy system and helps to get really nice welcome bonuses!

One thing that is very common is that players go from casino to casino and use their welcome bonus to get as much value for money as possible.

What are the casino bonuses? 

Our free spins New Zealand Casino bonus list contains everything you need to take your gambling to the next level and bring home the big winnings. You will find everything from 200% bonuses to completely crazy bonuses of over 500%. We have something for everyone simply! Even if you like to play turnover-free bonuses or want a higher percentage and chase turnover, there is always something new available.


A deposit bonus is almost always offered as a welcome bonus at all online casinos. There are a lot of factors that determine whether a bonus is good or not; wagering requirements, quantity, max bet, etc.

When you deposit a certain amount of money you get a certain percentage extra. For example, if you deposit $100 on a 300% bonus you will receive $300, and you will have $400 in total to play for.


Casino bonus without deposit is really as simple as it sounds. In some cases it is free money in other cases it is free spins. This is a perfect way to try out a casino online to see if you like what they have to offer or not.

Whether you get your casino bonus without deposit in free spins or money, it is usually a wagering requirement on either the winnings from your free spins or the sum of the free money you received. However, this varies depending on which casino you play at, of course, some even offer completely non-turnover free spins and totally non-turnover bonus money!


Free spins you can get either free at registration or in connection with any deposit. The value of free spins can vary, but usually, the value is the minimum bet in the slot.


Sometimes free money is offered at registration. This money is usually in the form of bonus money and must be traded before it can be withdrawn or treated as real money.

Free Spins New Zealand No Deposit Bonus Casino

The importance of choosing the right casino bonus!  

It is very important to be aware that bonuses, which can usually only be shared once per person, household and IP address. To give you an example, you and your potential partner or roommate are not allowed to share the same bonus on a game site. This may, of course, seem a bit unfair, but since there is, unfortunately, a lot of abuse of bonuses, this is a condition that is necessary to protect the gaming side.

We all know that casino bonuses can be extremely valuable to take advantage of as they can increase your chances of making a profit. While this is right for a lot of bonuses, there are also those that can actually hamper your opportunities. It is therefore always important to choose the right casino bonus online.

For starters, the size of the wagering requirement always depends on how good you have to be able to meet the requirement and thus get extra money that you can request a withdrawal from. The lower this requirement is, the better the bonus. On the other hand, there are two conditions that are far more important to add weight than this, which we have not yet mentioned.

These terms are about how your real money is spent and how the bonus amount received is spent, as well as what happens if you cancel the bonus. These two factors have a huge impact on the value of the bonus as they determine whether or not your real money will always be tied to the wagering requirement.

With certain bonuses, you use your real money and bonus money at the same time, in proportion to each other, of which winnings are also credited in the same proportions. With other bonuses, you always use your real money before the bonus amount, of which profits made through these are also credited as real money. With some bonuses, all your winnings will be lost if you cancel the bonus, while with others you will only lose your current bonus amount.

The type of bonus that you most prefer to take advantage of is the one where you play for real money first and can cancel the bonus to only lose your current bonus amount. To understand the value of this, let's take three examples of bonuses with different designs of these terms.

Example 1. Real money is used first and only the bonus amount is lost 

Let's say you deposit $1,000 and in connection with this deposit receive $1,000 in bonus money. Once you have played for $500 of your real money, you will succeed in making a big profit that will give you a payout of $8,000. Since you were playing for your real money when this win occurred, the amount of the entire winnings is also credited as real money.

No matter what the casino bonus is all about, you can never withdraw these winnings as long as the bonus is active. However, with the conditions that apply to the bonus in this example, you can choose to cancel it and only lose your received bonus amount of $1,000. You can then easily request a withdrawal of your profit.

Example 2. Bonus and real money are used simultaneously and only the bonus amount is lost 

Let us again assume that you deposit $1,000 and receive $1,000 in bonus money. Once again you hit a big profit that gives you $8,000. As in previous examples, you now have the option to cancel the bonus and only lose your current bonus amount. This is obviously good, but the downside is that your bonus amount will be significantly higher than in the previous example.

Since bonus money and real money are used simultaneously with each other in this example bonus, half of your won $8,000 will be credited as bonus money and only half of them as real. If you cancel the bonus, you will only be able to pick out a profit that is half the size of the previous example.

Example 3. All winnings are lost if the bonus is canceled 

This type of bonus is always the worst part of it and can even hamper your chances of reaching a profitable withdrawal. With this, it does not matter if the real money is used first or if they are used at the same time as the bonus money. If, as in the two previous examples, you win $8,000 and choose to cancel the bonus, your entire winnings will be lost.

Thus, with this type of bonus, you are always bound to fulfill the wagering requirement. This means that you always run the risk of losing your winnings, which you never do when you win for your real money through the bonus in the first example.

With the bonus in the first example, you can always choose for yourself whether you want to meet the wagering requirement to convert the bonus money into your own, or secure your profit by canceling the bonus and requesting a withdrawal. That is why this type of bonus is the very best to take advantage of.

Example 4. Bonuses without wagering requirements 

Most bonuses today have wagering requirements. Even if it comes to a welcome bonus, deposit bonus, free spins or free money, most have wagering requirements on all bonuses.

However, there are a lot of casinos that have started with completely non-turnover bonuses. This is simply to attract new players. The competition is incredibly fierce on the Swedish casino market, so many have now started offering free bonuses that they are short-term back, hoping that the same player will come in the future and make a deposit.

Below we have attached a couple of Swedish casinos that provide just bonuses with no wagering requirements. Have a look and get a bonus if you find something in your taste – good luck!

Bonuses for everyone! 

Instead of just offering bonuses for those who deposit a lot or a little, we have chosen to keep our bonus offers within both deposit bonuses and free rounds open to all players! Whether you play for a hundred a little now and then or if you play for several thousand a week, everyone is equally welcome.

With our fantastic bonus list, you will find casino bonuses which when deposited give as much as 400% up to $10,000. The same bonus can also give a 400% bonus of $100, the choice is entirely yours!

Wagering requirements may seem complicated, but it is very easy to understand. It works that way you have to bet for the bonus amount multiplied by the wagering requirement that applies to your deposit bonus. There are also bonuses completely without any wagering requirements and are getting more and more popular!

Something that is important to keep in mind is that you have control over what applies. You can always find what applies for the free bonus you received in the casino's rules or you can simply ask in their support.

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