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New casinos for online players are launched weekly. If you are looking for a gaming experience a little out of the ordinary, such a new casino can be a good place to start. In addition, new casinos are often at the forefront when it comes to:

  • innovation
  • game selection
  • bonus offers
  • mobile and user-friendliness

On this page, you can read all about what characterizes the best new casinos on the market. In the list, you will find an overview of the best new casinos on the internet. The list is updated weekly with the most exciting new casinos on the market.

Best new casinos for online players: 


Why play at new casinos? 

It is not uncommon to look at the biggest and most famous online casinos when you want to try your luck at the casino. But there are many reasons to choose new casinos. These new players are eager to bring in new players, which is especially evident in huge bonuses and attractive bonus terms.

In this article, we take a closer look at the benefits of new casinos and what exciting bonus schemes you have to look forward to. We will also go through what you need to look for before choosing a new online casino, so that you always get a safe gaming experience in a safe environment.

The benefits of new casinos are many, but game selection, mobile casino, and bonuses are often the biggest draws.

Game selection

When you visit new casinos, you are guaranteed to find a fresh and exciting selection of games. New players bet only on the best when it comes to games, and will not spend resources on bringing in old and outdated slot machines.

For new casinos, it is also important to create trust among players. Therefore, many choose to only collaborate with well-known and beloved game studios, which in turn raises the quality of the game menu. Excellent graphics, modern slot machines and the latest and most popular titles are waiting for you with new players.

Do you think game menus can often be overwhelming? Then you are not alone. New casinos spend a lot of time mapping the market and know what titles and genres players really want to see. For many, the game selection and new players are a breath of fresh air, stripped of outdated games that are no longer relevant.

We also see that new players place great focus on diversity. There should be something for everyone, whether you bet big, small, play live or like classic slot machines. We see this variation recur in most new casinos, which makes them attractive to more target groups and allows them to cover more needs and interests.

Mobile Casinos Mobile Casino Play

There is no doubt that nowadays casino players like flexibility and modern solutions. Precisely for this reason, mobile casino has become an important factor. New casinos know how important the mobile casino is, and therefore spend a long time and more resources on creating user-friendly, modern and optimized solutions for mobile players.

Most casinos move away from app solutions and instead opt for optimized websites that adapt to the device and screen you use. There are of course new casinos that also operate with the app, but often in connection with a genre or category. For example, there are players with their own apps for jackpots and odds games, where unique promotions, offers and bonuses for the given genre are launched.

Usually, new casinos work to create innovative solutions that make the mobile version of the casino as intuitive and user-friendly as on the desktop. This means that the online casino is built from scratch to fit both smartphones and tablets, regardless of operating system.

We also see that many new online casinos are investing in their own bonuses for mobile players, which makes this form of gaming even more attractive.

Bonuses and promotions 

Bonuses, promotions and offers are possibly one of the biggest draws at new casinos. A new casino means not only new welcome bonuses, but also better bonus terms, greater value and lower wagering requirements. In the beginning, it is important for the online casino to be an attractive alternative, and this is done through favorable terms.

It is very common for new casinos to have far lower wagering requirements, longer deadlines and more flexible bonus options than established casinos. In order to compete with the giants, new casinos must show their best side. Some new casinos also have bonuses with no wagering requirements.

Favorable welcome bonuses are not the only thing you have to look forward to. New gaming sites will ensure that new players remain, which happens through regular bonuses and promotions throughout the year. The campaign side of new players is often far richer than that of giants, precisely because they want to stand out and always offer something fresh.

It is also common to see unique bonus schemes and offers that you have not been to before. As mentioned online casinos always try to stand out, but this is something new gaming sites are working extra hard on. Unique bonuses keep popping up and this is where you will find the best terms.

New casinos that should be avoided

Although the benefits of new casinos are many, there will always be rogue players in the market. Fortunately, it is easy to separate the professional casinos from the ones you should steer clear of, as long as you know what to look for.

The license is the very first thing you should investigate. Professional online casinos often have casino licenses from MGA, UKGC, Curacao or Cyprus. Information about the license tends to be visible at the bottom of the website and should always be easily accessible. If you do not find the security stamp from the licensor, there is reason to suspect.

Any licensed and professional casino makes it easy to find license information. The same applies to other important resources such as privacy, security, responsible gaming and general bonus terms. If you do not find this information, please contact customer service and request a direct link.

New online casinos that do not have a license, difficult customer service or generally bad information on their websites should always be avoided. It is the license that ensures that your interests are taken care of, but it should also be easy for the player to find resources and the help center.

You can expect these types of bonuses at new casinos 

We have already mentioned that new casinos are very generous when it comes to bonus schemes. Here, not only is a favorable welcome bonus applicable, but you can also expect unique offers, promotions and bonuses that are often not as common at established online casinos.

Welcome bonus

Any casino that wants to succeed in the market depends on a lucrative welcome bonus. It is often this bonus that arouses interest, and new online casinos are of course extra dependent on new players registering. The welcome bonus is therefore usually large, with flexible bonus terms.

While established giants are betting on a single welcome bonus, it has become common for new online casinos to give you more choices. A traditional welcome bonus usually consists of bonus funds and perhaps some free spins that can be used on selected machines. New online casinos, on the other hand, know that not everyone is equally interested in the classic slot machines.

If you want a welcome package tailored to your style of play, these are the new online casinos to look at. Here you will often find unique welcome bonuses for live casino, odds, table games and of course classic casino. That way, you get a bonus that actually provides value and entertainment, on the games you really prefer.

The terms also tend to be far cheaper at a new casino. This can be, for example, lower turnover requirements, the opportunity to choose smaller bonuses and longer deadlines. There is often greater variation in possible payment methods, and it will usually be easy to activate the bonus.

Free Spins

Are you one of those people who misses free spins? Then you will probably like new casinos. In the past, free spins, or free spins, were a regular part of the welcome bonus at most online casinos. In recent years, we see that several online casinos have dropped this good. Recent online casinos, on the other hand, have taken the time to understand what players want, which is why free spins often abound with these players.

Free spins are usually found in welcome bonuses when you make your first deposit, but they can also come with registration, sometimes without a deposit requirement. These spins are usually earmarked for a fixed slot machine, or games from a given developer. You pay nothing for the spins, but usually have to deal with a wagering requirement on any winnings.

Free spins usually do not have the highest value when they come without a deposit, but in welcome bonuses the value can be somewhat higher. Free spins can also be credited to your player account at random, which is not uncommon for new players.

After all, bonuses are a way for the online casino to show its gratitude, at the same time as it encourages the player to test out new slot machines and turn over in the online casino. If free spins are important to you, the chances are greatest at new casinos.

No Deposit Bonus

A No Deposit bonus can be compared to a welcome bonus, as this scheme usually only applies to new players. Unlike a welcome bonus, however, you do not have to make a deposit to claim the bonus. In other words, this scheme is often called a “bonus without deposit”.

Since you do not deposit money into the online casino, you will usually not receive bonus funds in this offer either. Here we are talking about free spins that can be used on selected machines. These are automatically credited to your account upon registration, but the value is as mentioned somewhat lower than on free spins that come in connection with deposit bonuses.

No Deposit bonus always has a wagering requirement, but this does not necessarily have to be as high as with other bonuses. However, the wagering requirement will be linked to the winnings you win with free spins, if you are lucky and land the correct symbols.

For many, the No Deposit bonus is an entertaining way to test out new casinos, as the bonus is not linked to risk or personal effort. If you do not win on free spins, there is also nothing to trade. Should you win, but do not want to make a deposit, you also do not have to withdraw the winnings.


Refer A Friend Casino Bonus

Cashback is a popular bonus scheme we often see at new casinos. Terms and conditions vary and depend on the online casino you play at. In general, the bonus scheme means that you get a refund of a given percentage of what you have bet and lost at the casino.

You do not always win when you play online. Cashback acts as a patch on the wound, in the sense that you get repaid a percentage of the money you lose during a given period. The percentage is usually 10% or 15%, and typically applies weekly or monthly.

When the week or month is over, the casino will calculate how much you have bet on rounds and games that do not payout. You only get back money you have already wagered, but the scheme is still considered a bonus. For beginners, cashback can act as a small safety net, even if you never get back everything you've lost.

Referral bonuses 

Referral bonuses are often seen at both new and established casinos. The difference is that new players have a greater need to bring in new players, which means that the payoff for recruiting someone will often be higher.

When you create an account, you will automatically be assigned one or more referral codes that are unique and related to you. If you recommend the casino to friends or family, and they use your code when registering, the casino will reward you with a great bonus. Here there is usually a ceiling of between ten and 20 positions.

Exactly what you get in reward for recruiting someone will of course vary. At some casinos, you get turnover-free funds, ie cash that is deposited directly into your player account. For others, it may be a question of a larger amount of free spins with extra good bonus terms.

However, it is important that you do not recruit anyone who shares an address or IP address with your player account. In addition, the person you recruit must verify their account and in some cases make a deposit, before you can be awarded the prize. Not all online casinos offer referral bonuses, but the scheme is very popular with new casinos.

High roller bonuses

Are you a big player? Then you can look forward to high roller bonuses at new online casinos. A “high roller” is simply a person who bets big and makes a lot of money in an online casino. This is of course lucrative for the casino, and therefore many professional players have unique bonuses for these big players.

A high roller bonus can be a larger variant of the welcome bonus, or unique bonuses that are released throughout the month. Many casinos also notice who plays a lot, and reward them with completely personal offers. These can be bonuses tailored to your playing style.

Exactly what classifies a “high roller” is something difficult to say. Here, every online casino will consider differently. The advantage of being a big player at new casinos is that you will be one of the first. It is thus easier to get noticed, which means that large bonuses can be won fairly quickly.

Bonuses on specific games

How to choose online casino to play

New casinos are working hard to secure exciting tournaments and promotions. Here you can find unique bonuses on specific games – often popular slot machines. The casino is happy to work with selected gaming studios and can therefore launch bonuses that only apply to a given slot machine or a specific table game.

You can also come across tournaments in this category, where you and the other players get bonuses for wagering a given amount on selected games. Such bonus schemes make it extra entertaining to try out new slot machines, genres and themes you have not been to before.

How to choose new casinos online 

Have you decided to look for a new casino? Then you have many choices. The market abounds with new, exciting and lucrative casinos, all of which tempt with bonuses and great game selection. But what should you really focus on?

We go through some of the points you should consider before signing up for a new online casino. We have already touched on the importance of the license, but it is after all the game selection and customer service that determines how good the gaming experience will be.

Check that the casino has the games you want

First and foremost, you should take a look at the game menu of the online casino you have seen. This part of the casino is open to everyone, even if you have not registered yet. What does the game menu look like? Is it easy to navigate between categories and genres? Are the games divided by theme? Can you sort by game developer and function? Can you easily find the games you want?

If you have a favorite developer or theme in mind, you should of course look for these in the menu. If you mostly play on jackpot slots, you can also look at the amount. How many vending machines are available? Sometimes the online casino writes how many games they have in total, other times you will find notices that they are constantly filling up.

It often pays to play at an online casino over a longer period of time – especially with regard to referral bonuses, VIP programs, loyalty bonuses and High Roller Bonuses. Therefore, it is always wise to choose an actor who has all the games and genres you like available. Would you like to try out live casino in the near future? Then the casino in question should have a good live section available.

If you have never played online before, you also do not have a good basis for comparison when it comes to selection, sorting and user-friendliness. Spend some time looking at different casinos and their game selection, so that it becomes easier to decide what you need, expect and want from a game menu.

Read the casino's terms and conditions Terms and Conditions Casino

Once you have found a casino with a promising game menu, it's time to look at other factors. Rules and conditions are important here. Which countries does the casino accept players from? What payment options are relevant? How does the casino operate in terms of security and privacy?

There is a lot to learn about the player in the rules, terms and the “about us” section. Here we also recommend that you notice how easy it is to find information. Are all parts of the online casino translated? This is a good sign that shows that the player sees the importance of a completed website.

Bonus terms, rules and general terms should be available in English or your local language. However, the latter one is not always given, but makes it much easier to find important information when you need it.

Remember that you should always read through the bonus terms before accepting a bonus. Here you will find more information related to turnover requirements, deadlines and requirements.

Make sure the casino has support easily accessible

It's easy to forget customer service until you suddenly need them. Customer service should always be easy to locate and preferably it should be possible to contact them on live chat. The very best casinos have a live chat bubble that constantly follows you around the online casino.

Furthermore, it is important to have good opening hours and a helpful team. Is customer service open 24 hours a day? This is what many players are looking for. A multilingual support team is always preferable, although many people think it is perfectly fine with English only.

Finally, it is important to have good resources and preferably a help center. Does the casino have a FAQ where they answer frequently asked questions? This can come in handy if customer service is busy or if you need help outside opening hours. Email options should also be available.

See what the experts say

Ultimately, it is the experience of others that is the best facit. Our expert reviews are based on thorough testing and assessment of new and existing casinos. Our experts test everything from game selection and bonuses, to security and ease of use. By reading our expert reviews, you will get a better insight into what you have in store.

  • How fast does customer service actually respond?
  • How easy is it to navigate all parts of the online casino?
  • And, how often is the game menu and promotion page updated?

You will find these answers in our reviews.

Those who make the games New Casino Gaming Software

Who is behind the game selection for the new casino? A good game selection usually consists of titles from industry giants and smaller game developers, which creates diversity in the selection. However, it is important that the casino does not only have unknown creators in its selection, as a collaboration of well-known gaming studios is a security seal.

Not only are the big names behind several of the industry's most popular titles, but you are assured of quality and excellent graphics from the top class. The large gaming studios also have the resources to constantly launch new titles, which allows the casino to update its menu on a regular basis.

If you see famous names among the list of developers, you can be absolutely sure that the games are fair. It is not only online casinos that must be licensed – this also applies to the companies behind the games. The giants make sure that all their games go through an RNG to always ensure a random and fair outcome.

Payment methods on offer 

No matter how good the bonuses are or how many exciting games the casino has; it does not matter as long as they do not have a variety of payment methods. In order for you to take advantage of bonuses and try your luck in the game menu, you are dependent on payment methods that work for you.

For example, Norwegian banks can not carry out transactions to and from foreign casinos, due to strict regulation by the local authorities. Therefore, Norwegians must use third-party solutions such as e-wallets and prepaid cards.

Unfortunately, many of the largest companies in the payment industry have limited their services to certain markets only. Fortunately, there are many new players to choose from, such as Revolut, MuchBetter, Jeton, MiFinity and Cryptocurrencies!

Before you register, you should take a look at the payment information of the online casino and examine what options they have. Can they offer an e-wallet for players from your country? Then you are guaranteed trouble-free deposits and withdrawals.

New casinos in the future

The casino industry is constantly changing. As the player's habits change, online casinos must also keep up to stay competitive. No one can predict the future, but we still have some expectations and hopes for how the casinos will develop.

Payment solutions

For many players, deposits and withdrawals can present problems. Restrictions from local authorities and banks have made it difficult to find good and working payment solutions. We believe that more solutions within e-wallets and prepaid cards will soon appear.

In addition, more casinos will probably work even harder to ensure that transactions with Visa work. Here, the casino itself must work to circumvent blocking from banks, which we believe will become easier with time.

Mobile Casino

We have already come a long way in the development of mobile gaming. Casino players are betting more and more from mobiles and tablets, something we are not alone in the world. The mobile casinos will probably continue to develop with even smarter and more innovative solutions than we have today.


Gamification is something we will probably see more of in the years to come. The term is about using elements and principles from games, in other contexts. This can be in marketing, apprenticeship, evaluation, and recruitment.

Casino games engage, entertain and ensure that the player is productive through the gaming session. By using the elements that motivate these actions in other contexts, we are encouraged to perform tasks that otherwise seem boring. We believe that more industries will be inspired by the gaming elements in casino games in the future.


Virtual Reality has already gained a good foothold in gaming and entertainment. But the genre has not spread in the casino industry yet. VR makes it even more entertaining to play, while giving the user the feeling of being present in the game.

Live casino is a solution for players who long for the Las Vegas experience, but who do not have the opportunity to travel to land-based casinos. In some countries, there are no “real” or physical casinos available, but this problem can easily be solved with VR.

Game categories

There are many exciting game categories to wrestle with today. We have different varieties of slot machines, table games, live casino, scratch cards and even bingo. But we do not think that the development has stopped completely yet.

New game studios are constantly emerging on the field, and the existing giants are working hard to secure new ideas, innovative solutions and games that engage in completely unique ways. There is, therefore, no doubt that new genres and categories will emerge over the years.

Casino is mainly about luck, with the exception of some games such as poker. Many players want to increase their chances of winning by improving their skills, and it may well be that the focus on “skill-based gaming” will increase in the future.

Higher jackpots

Casino gaming is in the wind like never before – this benefits jackpot fans. Jackpot machines have a growing pot that gets bigger and bigger the more people play. When more people sign up and try their luck at these machines, it is also natural that the jackpot grows even bigger.

Today, there are several slot machines that are known for their giant jackpots. Over time, these winning pots will probably become even bigger than what we have today, much to the delight of casino players worldwide.

Better design

Finally, we must also mention expectations for better design. New casinos come on the scene every single day. With them are user-friendly designs and solutions that the old players can not compete with.

We have become accustomed to optimized and fast websites, which make it easy to navigate and perform actions. This expectation has also begun to spread to gaming sites, which is evident in the design of the newest players.

New casinos challenge the established giants on several points. Ease of use is just one of the areas. It will therefore be extra exciting to follow developments in the future, both in terms of game content, winning opportunities and the general gaming experience.

New Casinos Online FAQ FAQ New Online Casinos

How do I know the casino is safe?

f the online casino has a visible license and easily accessible customer service, you know that the casino is most likely safe. The license safeguards the rights of the player and ensures a safe gaming environment. Information about current licenses is usually easily visible at the bottom of the website.

How often are new casinos released?

New casinos are released on a daily basis. We always make sure to keep you updated with our expert reviews, so you know which new casinos are worth checking out.

Can you trust new casinos?

Yes, as long as there is a license from a reputable licensor you can trust the online casino. Licenses from MGA, UKGC, Curacao and Canada are the most common.

What are the benefits of playing at a new casino?

New casinos have great bonuses and favorable bonus terms for attracting new players. In addition, the design and mobile casino are often more modern, and you will only find new, fresh and popular games in the game selection.

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