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ELK Studios Casino is one of the companies that often goes under the radar of many players online. Not because they make bad games (on the contrary), but because they are often overshadowed by bigger players such as NetEnt and Microgaming. However, there is still a lot that is exciting about ELK Studios casino games developer.

On this page, we take a closer look at the Swedish developer studio. We also look at which games they have created and which casinos are the best if you want to test the games.

Facts about ELK Studios Casino

ELK Studios Casino started up in 2013 and is based in Sweden. Their very first game was a slot machine called The Lab. The studio was only a few employees for the first few years, and when they released their fourth game, Taco Brothers, there were still no more than 10 employees in total. But that didn't stop ELK from pushing out one quality game after another in the years that followed.

At the time of writing, the Swedish development studio has released over 50 different games, all of which are video slots. Video slots are slot machines with advanced graphics and more creative features than we are used to from typical classic slot machines. What characterizes these slots is often a greater focus on storytelling, and many of the slots have very specific themes and content, in addition to great graphics. It's also not uncommon for the slots to have creative bonus rounds and free spins that make it extra exciting to play.

Languages are available in the casino games 

ELK Studios Casino does not shy away from languages in its games. That's why in many of the games you'll find as many as 23 different languages to choose from! This makes it much easier for players to read up on, for example, game rules and features – information that can be a bit confusing if you don't know all the English terms.

Among the languages offered by ELK Studios Casino are:

  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Danish
  • English
  • Vietnamese
  • Portuguese

The fact that they include so many languages in their games is a testament to the games' popularity, not only in the Nordic countries, but also in many other European countries. This is further supported by the fact that, as of today, players around the world have played more than 90 million games, according to the developer's own website.

Creativity and mathematical formulas

ELK Studios is based in Stockholm and describes itself as a creative studio with a great love of games. Not a bad starting point if the goal is to create great gaming experiences for online casino players. They also explain on their website that an important part of their work has to do with mathematical formulas. These include formulas that help to determine whether you win or lose every time you press the spin buttons in one of their games.

Comprehensive quality assurance of games

After a game has been developed at ELK, it undergoes rigorous testing both internally and externally to ensure that the outcomes on the machine are random and fair to the players. That way, you can always be sure that games from this company are safe to play, in terms of chances of winning and randomness.

An example of the company's quality control can be seen in the development of the Wild Toro video slot. During the development period, 17 million spins were made on this game alone. Every single spin was studied and checked to ensure that everything worked as it should prior to launch. This work proved to be a good idea, as the game was awarded the EGR award for the best game of the year in 2017.

With mobile gaming in focus

It's also worth mentioning that ELK is a studio that puts mobile games first. This means you'll always be able to play their games on mobile, with excellent optimization for smaller screens. Whether you play on mobile or tablet doesn't matter, because the game will automatically be optimized for your device.

ELK Studios' game selection includes several well-known titles that have done very well in casinos around the world. Perhaps you've played an ELK game without even knowing it? We take a closer look at the company's most popular games below.

ELK Studios Casino Games 

As mentioned, ELK Studios has over 50 different casino games in its portfolio. Some games have been more successful than others, and some titles have really helped put ELK on the map. Below we take a closer look at three slots that, in our opinion, give you the best ELK Studios has to offer. Other popular slots include Hidden, Sam on the Beach, Ho Ho Tower and Ivanhoe.

Top 3 ELK Studios slots at online casinos

Lake's Five Lake's Five Game

Lake's Five is the company's answer to Ocean's Eleven in slot format. Except we're going to the 70s. And all the main characters are animals… The game is about Mr Lake. A Moose who wants to carry out a coup and steal all the wealth of Mr Romano. To do this, he must gather 5 of his most cunning friends.

The battle for Mr Romano's wealth forms the backdrop to a hugely entertaining slot with plenty of creative wilds features. And with a max win of 216,000 coins, the riches may well be coming your way too. Good luck with the coup!

Wild Toro Wild Toro Game

In 2017, the company EGR Game of The Year won the award for best game of the year with its Wild Toro slot machine. The slot consists of four rows and five reels, a somewhat atypical layout that provides 178 different winning lines. The game also offers a savoury mix of free spins, wilds and other bonus features that can really pay out big wins if you have luck on your side. This means that it's rarely long before something unexpected happens.

The game's graphics and theme are inspired by Spanish culture, specifically bullfighting. With highly realised cartoon graphics and silky smooth animations, the game looks both inviting and exciting. However, the game has attracted some attention due to its theme, as bullfighting is not exactly a popular sport among animal rights activists. However, ELK clearly specifies that they always root for the bull in Wild Toro, and that's why the bull is always the winner when you play. Remember that you can play Wild Toro directly from

Taco Brothers Taco Brothers Game

The evil Captain Diaz has stolen all the tacos from the town of Santa Maria in Mexico! It's now up to the Taco Brothers to blow up the vault and get the taco back to the townspeople. As you might have guessed, ELK Studios are fond of humour, and this helps to make their games highly entertaining.

In Taco Brothers, there are a total of 243 winning lines, and the dream for all players is to trigger the bonus round “The Wild Escape”. If you manage to do so, there's a great chance of winning big! To date, more than 90 million spins have been made on the game by players all over the world. The game is available in 23 different languages! Whether Taco Brothers is a good addition to your Friday taco is up to you to decide, but it's certainly a great slot with lots of exciting features.

ELK Studios Mobile Casino 

Mobile gaming has become an important part of the online casino offering. If you don't offer mobile gaming, you have a job to do as a casino, as such functionality is taken for granted by players. Fortunately, the vast majority of casinos have jumped on the trend, which means that it's easy to find online casinos where you can play via your mobile phone – either directly from your browser or via a downloadable app.

As mentioned above, ELK Studios is a mobile-first development studio. This means that all their games are designed for mobile gaming right from the idea phase. This means you can play ELK mobile games in any casino that offers mobile gaming.

To see the full list of over 40 casinos with ELK casino games, you can go to our collection page, where you can compare all casinos. There you can filter casinos on a number of parameters, including game developers, as well as welcome bonuses, payment methods and much more.

Remember that the games will work in exactly the same way at all casinos, but the casino's menu system and user interface may vary from casino to casino. To find out more about each casino's mobile version, click here to read our reviews of these casinos.

ELK Studios Casino Bonuses 

As far as we know, ELK Studios Casino doesn't often have exclusive bonuses linked to their games. Thus, it's difficult to give a concrete recommendation on where to look for such bonuses. That said, the developer is constantly releasing new slots. During these periods, it is not uncommon to be able to take part in promotions and offers related to the new slot. On the developer's own website, you can check when the next game is released, which can give you an indication of when you can expect to find these types of launch promotions.

Even though there aren't many exclusive bonuses associated with ELK's games, it's still possible to find bonuses that can be used on their games. For example, regular welcome bonuses can usually be used on any slot machine in an online casino. Thus, you can pick up a welcome bonus in a casino and use it when playing ELK Studios games.

Best ELK Studios Casinos

When choosing a casino that offers ELK's games, you should consider exactly the same things that you would normally consider when choosing a casino. Below we look at some of the most important factors to consider when looking for an ELK casino.

Welcome Bonus

A good welcome bonus can give you a great start to playing at the casino. Even if the welcome bonus isn't necessarily directly linked to ELK Studios casino games, you'll most likely be able to use it on their slots anyway. So, it's a good idea to find an online casino that offers a proper welcome bonus that can be used on any of their slots.

Casino Games 

Next, you should check if the casino you want to play at offers the ELK Studios games you're actually looking for. Yes, perhaps a trivial tip, but still something to think about. Just because a casino has games from ELK doesn't necessarily mean that they have the exact game you're looking for. Use the search function in the casino and check that they actually have the game you want to test! Do this before you become a member, so you don't have to sign up for a membership at a casino you won't be playing at.

It might also be a good idea to check out the rest of the casino's game selection. Even though ELK has a lot to offer, their 50 slots may not be enough to hold your interest forever. Therefore, find a casino that has a good selection of games from several different game developers. That way, you can be sure that there will always be something exciting to do!

Best Casinos 

Here is our pick of the best casinos with games from ELK Studios:


Overall, ELK Studios Casino is a very exciting developer and game provider. So, they really know how to entertain their audience with exciting slots. One of the reasons why their games are so popular is clearly the graphics, which are often hand-drawn and of the highest quality.

Furthermore, many of their games offer interesting features such as sticky wilds, moving wilds and exciting bonus rounds. This, in combination with the many winning lines, helps to make some of the games eternal classics. The future looks bright for ELK Studios, and we can't wait to see what they come up with in the years to come.

What do you think of ELK Studios casino games? And which slot is your favourite?

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