Why play BINGO Online? Free bonuses, fun games, jackpot wins, etc.

Bingo is a popular money game that has traditionally been played in bingo halls around the world. This “lucky balls” game is very popular, especially among older people. But the younger generation is also starting to discover how fun this game is. And with modern bingo online, the game is becoming increasingly popular among young players.

Traditionally, bingo is a game about luck, where random numbers are drawn and players match these numbers with the numbers they have on their game boards. The first player with a playing card where drawn numbers form a special pattern shouts out the word Bingo! to notify the others that he or she has won.

How is bingo played?

Whether you play bingo in the traditional bingo halls or play bingo online, the rules are very similar. Random numbers are drawn and the player matches these with the numbers on his game board. On websites that offer bingo, the numbers are automatically drawn by a computer. In the bingo halls, the numbers are drawn by a bingo host. It is decided in advance which pattern leads to bingo in each round. In many cases, you simply have to fill the entire game board. Then it's first come, first served.

Online bingo can be more manageable than traditional bingo played in bingo halls. Via the computer, players get a good overview of which patterns are in play and which numbers are drawn. Most sites that offer bingo also have software that automatically marks the numbers on the game board and “shouts” bingo for the player if he or she gets this. Normally, the sites have a feature where players can choose between automatic or manual play. Some sites also offer players to play even if they are not logged in to their gaming account.

There are 75 or 90 possible bingo numbers depending on whether the bingo game uses American or European rules. The numbers are represented by bingo balls that are shuffled and drawn at random. A bingo host informs players about which numbers are drawn. Then the players check their playing cards to see if they have the number.

If the number being drawn is on the game board, the player marks it by placing a cross or circle around the number. If you play bingo online, just click on the relevant number and it will be highlighted automatically. When the player has crossed numbers so that the predetermined pattern appears on the game board, the player gets bingo. If you play bingo online, you then click on the button where it says BINGO. In traditional bingo halls, the player would have shouted “Bingo!”

Players can play on many different game boards at the same time. Online, it is often easier to have an overview of the various game boards, especially if you use the functions that allow the bingo boards to be filled in automatically as the numbers are drawn.

Chances of winning at bingo online How to play Bingo?

As previously mentioned, bingo is a game that is largely based on luck. How big a player's chances of winning depends on the number of players playing and how many playing cards the player is playing on. For example, if a player has 12 playing cards in a bingo game with a total of 1200 playing cards, the player has a 1: 100 chance of winning.

A game board (bingo board) normally consists of five rows and five rows, ie a total of 25 squares with numbers. Above the squares are the letters B-I-N-G-O from left to right. The numbers drawn will be a combination of numbers and letters, e.g. B 15. The player then tickes the row below the letter B if it contains the number 15.

The more playing cards a player buys, the greater the player's chances of winning. If you want to know more about how to win in bingo, you can take a look at our page on bingo strategies.

How much does bingo online cost and how much can you win?

Bingo Online Casino

On online bingo sites, playing cards normally cost from €0.01 to €1 per card. Different games have different stakes and thus also different payouts. The size of the winnings will normally depend on the wagering requirement as well as how many players participate and how many playing cards they buy. In addition, most places that offer online bingo will have games where the payout pot is the same regardless of how many players participate.

Some of the websites that offer bingo also have their own jackpot that can be triggered in addition to the regular winnings. These jackpots can often be very high, often over €1000.

On sites that offer bingo, it is often common for players to chat with other players. Here, an inexperienced bingo player can learn more about bingo from more experienced players.

There are many different bingo games online, and you may want to try out the different versions of the game so that you can find a bingo game that is right for you. As a new player, it is important to familiarize yourself with the bingo rules that apply where you play.

The advantage of playing bingo online is that you can play exactly when you want and where you want. You can play whether you are sitting in your pajamas in your own living room or traveling.

The origins of bingo

The American toy manufacturer Edwin Lowe was fascinated by a carnival game called “Beano”. The concept was very similar to Bingo as we know it today, but they used beans instead of pieces to mark the numbers. Later, the game was renamed when a participant in the game one night shouted wrong; instead of saying “Beano”, he shouted “Bingo!”. Lowe thought that word was better, and kept it, simple and straightforward.

With the help of a professor of mathematics, Lowe was helped to further develop the game. They added a wide range of possible combinations to the bingo boards, carefully selected to enhance the gaming experience.

After Bingo established itself in Italy, merchants made it established and became popular in the rest of Europe as well. In the 1930s, Lowe produced bingo boards in such large numbers that he had to hire 1,000 workers (and they worked around the clock to print these boards). In 1973, it was estimated that 10,000 bingo games were played weekly.

That same year, Lowe sold the company for no less than $26 million. Today, this corresponds to a sum of more than $200 million.

Bingo came to stay

From being just a Christmas tradition in Italy, the game has over the years evolved to attract a whole world. To this day, many still value a good, old-fashioned bingo game. We are of course no exception.

We find it in, for example, bingo halls in the cities, in local pubs, in school classes, at company parties and on mobile phones. Yes, as long as you have a screen (in the form of a smartphone, tablet or PC) and access to the internet, you also have access to online casinos. And thus also the ability to play bingo on your mobile (or the screen you want to use).

Get free bonuses on bingo online! 

NameGEONo DepositWelcome BonusLicences
Two Fast Ladies Casino
UK88£ + 20 FSUK, Gibraltar
Ted Bingo Casino
UK700£ + 60 FSUK, Gibraltar
Tip Top Bingo Casino
UK30£ + 30 FSUK, Gibraltar
Loony Bingo Casino
UK30£ + 3 FSUK, Gibraltar
So Bingo Casino
UK100£UK, Gibraltar
Sugar Bingo Casino
UK30£UK, Gibraltar
Silk Bingo Casino
UK20£ + 30 FSUK, Gibraltar
Robin Hood Bingo
UK40£ + 50 FSUK, Gibraltar
Glorious Bingo Casino
UK15£ + 50 FSUK, Gibraltar
Spectra Bingo Casino
UK30£ + 30 FSUK, Gibraltar
Gossip Bingo Casino
UK30£ + 30 FSUK, Gibraltar
Polo Bingo Casino
UK30£UK, Gibraltar
Moon Bingo Casino
UK100£ + 20 FSUK, Gibraltar
Cyber Bingo Casino
INT$20 Free Chips1500$ + $20 NDB + 40 FSCuracao
Bingo Spirit Casino
INT$10 Free Chip1500$ + $10 NDB + 30 FSCuracao
Bingo Fest Casino
INT$20 Free Chip1500$ + $20 NDB + 20 FSCuracao
Cracker Bingo Casino
INT£10 + 10 FSUK, Gibraltar
Sundae Bingo Casino
INT£10 + 10 FSUK, Gibraltar
Yay Bingo Casino
INT£10 + 10 FSUK, Gibraltar
888 Casino
INT€88 Free Cash1500€ + €88 NDBMalta, UK, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark
Balmy Bingo Casino
UKUp to 500 free spinsUK, Alderney
Bingo Clubhouse Casino

UKUp to 500 free spinsUK, Alderney
Duck Duck Bingo
UK70£ + 10 FSUK, Gibraltar
Lucky Charm Bingo

UK20£ + 20 FSUK, Gibraltar
Cupcake Bingo Casino
UK20£ + 30 FSUK, Gibraltar
Diva Bingo Casino
UK30£ + 30 FSUK, Gibraltar
Candy Shop Bingo
UK20£ + 20 FSUK, Gibraltar
Sailor Bingo Casino
UK20£ + 20 FSUK, Gibraltar
Bingorella Casino
UK20£ + 20 FSUK, Gibraltar
Woolly Bingo Casino
UK20£ + 20 FSUK, Gibraltar
Aunt Bevs Casino

UK20£ + 20 FSUK, Gibraltar
Bumble Bingo Casino
UK20£ + 20 FSUK, Gibraltar
Hippo Bingo Casino

UK20£ + 20 FSUK, Gibraltar
Bubble Bonus Bingo

UK20£ + 20 FSUK, Gibraltar
Butterfly Bingo Casino

UK20£ + 20 FSUK, Gibraltar
Live Bingo Casino
UK20£ + 20 FSUK, Gibraltar
Nutty Bingo Casino

UK20£ + 20 FSUK, Gibraltar
Bingo Storm Casino
UK70£ + 10 FSUK, Gibraltar
Chit Chat Bingo

INT100€ + 10 FSUK, Gibraltar
Bid Bingo Casino
INT50€ + 25 FSUK, Gibraltar
Bingo Zino Casino
INT50€ + 25 FSUK, Gibraltar Casino

INT100€ + 20 FSMalta, UK
Maria Casino
INT200€ + 600 FSMalta, UK
Unibet Casino
INT50 free spins300€ + 200 FSMalta, UK, Alderney, Sweden
Bingo Besties Casino

UK70£ + 10 FSUK, Gibraltar
Kozmo Bingo Casino

UK70£ + 10 FSUK, Gibraltar
Queen Bee Bingo
UK70£ + 10 FSUK, Gibraltar
Hunky Bingo Casino
UK70£ + 10 FSUK, Gibraltar
Zinger Bingo Casino
UK70£ + 10 FSUK, Gibraltar
Blighty Bingo Casino
UK70£ + 10 FSUK, Gibraltar
Dabber Bingo Casino
UK100£ + 10 FSUK, Gibraltar
Bingo Idol Casino
UK100£ + 10 FSUK, Gibraltar
Bounce Bingo Casino
UK100£ + 10 FSUK, Gibraltar
Betsson Casino
INT100 free spins200€ + 600 FSMalta, UK, Sweden, Alderney, Spain
Leo Vegas Casino
INT50 free spins1600€ + 120 FSMalta, UK, Sweden, Italy, Denmark
Main Stage Bingo
INT100€ + 50 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Dream Bingo Casino
UK30£Malta, UK

Free Bingo Bonuses

Why play Bingo Online? 

Pocket-Friendly Gaming 

What is the price of socializing? Lots of times, socializing comes at a very high cost. Considering one may need to meet friends in places where food and drinks are expensive, socializing often puts a significant dent in the budget. However, this does not have to be the case. Who says it is not possible to socialize in a local swimming event, a soccer game, or such other games? And when it comes to indoor recreation, is it not possible to find something reasonable, like bingo online?

However, the question of convenience cannot be ignored. The reason two people decide to face each other across a table and have a round of cards, for example, is often because the time available to relax is limited, and there is no money involved. Even in instances when there is betting involved, usually the amount of money at stake is insignificant. It is just the same way a gamer may find a bingo casino website. In fact, there are some very decent sites like where you find a bingo card going for a fifth of a dollar; sometimes for less.

Money Not the Only Factor 

Although the money factor cannot be ignored when it comes to leisure, often people are attracted to different games for a range of reasons. The same site mentioned earlier still offers some of its bingo cards for a full dollar each. So, it does not mean that everything on the site goes for a giveaway price. Of course, just as in other services, there are many factors that go into pricing; but the point here is that beyond a site being bingo pocket-friendly, it must offer more to gamers if they are to remain loyal to the site.

For example, it is not enough to give players a no deposit bingo bonus on registration. Granted it is a good gesture to new players venturing onto the site for the first time, but as has realized, it matters how the players feel later when they have become regulars on the bingo site. That is why you will see bonuses being offered to avid players, ranging from a rate of 20% to 400%, pegged on their deposits.

Motivation Is Necessary 

Besides the attraction that comes with a gaming site being pocket-friendly, it also helps to have something to look forward to. For example, does not only please potential customers by offering them the no deposit bingo bonus. The site also displays the names of winners as gaming continues, and this is a motivation to other bingo players. Every player, whatever the game, understands that not every person can be a winner every time, but they want to see that there is credibility in what the site promises. So if you have a gaming site that is bingo pocket-friendly, and then players keep seeing names of winners on the screen, it encourages them to stick around. The other bingo players realize there is the hope of seeing their own names on the scroll too.

Even with the aforementioned advantages, including a site being bingo wallet-friendly, there is also the element of availability. Players want to be assured that they are going to find their favorite gaming site up and running when they want to play. At Maria Casino, for example, players get to play the bingo games of their choice at will. However, what reassures them most is the fact that the site is hosted by a company of international standing, Kindred Plc (formerly Unibet Group). Players are excited to see a host who has the resources to maintain the site, and who also has a name to protect.

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