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Scratch Cards Online Review 

Are you looking for scratch card games online? Do you want to get no deposit bonuses on scratchcards? Would you like to play free spins and win big jackpots in scratch cards casinos? If your answer is “yes” you are on the right track! Here is the official list of the best scratch cards to play online or mobile (tablets, mobile phones, pc, etc. – iOS, Android, Windows).

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Online scratch cards bring the good old scratch card into the digital age with a bang! High excitement, big wins and instant fun await here. The best thing about it all? You can scratch exactly when and where you want, with scratch cards on your mobile – as well as on your PC of course.

The scratch card concept has now been transferred to online casinos, which means they are just a click away at any one time! The selection is absolutely huge and many online casinos can offer their customers a wide selection of different scratch cards.

There are a number of benefits to scratch cards online. First, the payback percentage and the chance of winning on each ticket are significantly better than the physical tickets. At the same time, the maximum winnings are often twice as large as with many of the Flax lots in Norway.

Best Scratchcard Casinos Online 

ScratchMania 7€ GRATIS or 100 free spins (no deposit bonus) + 100% welcome bonus

7€ GRATIS or 100 free spins (no deposit bonus) + 100% welcome bonus

GratoRama 7€ GRATIS (no deposit required) + €200 welcome bonus

Gratorama 7 EUR free bonus no deposit required

WinsPark 5€ GRATIS or 50 free spins (no deposit required) + 150% match bonus

5€ GRATIS or 50 free spins (no deposit required) + 150% match bonus

Winorama 7€ GRATIS or 70 free spins (no deposit required) + 100% match bonus

7€ GRATIS or 70 free spins (no deposit required) + 100% match bonus

GratoWin Casino 7€ Gratuits (no deposit bonus) + 100% welcome bonus 

7 EUR gratuits bonus

NOTE: Not all casinos have their own category for scratch cards. Therefore, you may need to use the search function at the casino to find the scratch cards. Search for “Scratch” and you will find the games you are looking for.

Scratch cards at online casinos 

In other words, there are many benefits to playing scratch cards online. But as with any other thing, there are some drawbacks as well. Scratch cards are a type of game that some people feel you have to play in physical form in order for it to be entertaining. However, this is the only negative we can come and, and not necessarily something everyone cares about. In Norway, there are many who like to bring a Flaxlodd or two when they are still in the kiosk and shopping. Now, more and more grocery stores have received these tickets at checkout.

If, on the other hand, you have not tried scratch cards online, we would definitely recommend you to try. At least if you already love scratch cards.

Why choose online scratch cards? 

Some may think that scratch cards at an online casino can not possibly be as entertaining as a scratch card you can hold in your hand. And yes, we must admit that few things beat scratching a real scratch card. But modern technology allows you to scratch in exactly the same way via the mobile screen. Or by using the mouse pointer on PC. One of the advantages of the digital lottery tickets is, of course, that there will be less rubbish and rubbish afterwards – although this is probably one of the reasons why many people prefer the physical scratch cards in the first place.

Thanks to the digital tickets, it is also possible to both play and win even faster than before. In some cases, it is even possible to let the cards scratch themselves. Are you just looking to find out if you won or not? In this case, the autoscratcher function may be to your liking.

What scratch cards can you play? 

We have discussed the types of tickets you can find, but we have not discussed any specific examples. You have certainly seen the Norwegian scratch cards in the store, one called Million-Flax and the other called Grise-Flax. These are two examples of Norwegian scratch cards that have received their own scratch cards online. They are admittedly not exactly the same, but they have the same design and features, a slightly better payback percentage and better conditions.

Among the best scratch cards online, we can recommend the following:

  • Scratchy
  • ScatchyBIG
  • Scratch4Diamonds
  • Happy Scratch
  • Lucky Scratch

Most Norwegian players will probably always prefer the classic scratch cards, but we would still recommend you to test one or more visual scratch cards. These can be very entertaining, and not least pay out fantastic prizes. The game selection is also solid, so we are absolutely sure that you will find up to several scratch cards you like.

Find the best scratch cards online 

The selection of online scratch cards exploded as the various game developers discovered just how popular scratch cards at online casinos were. The vast majority of casino game developers develop scratch cards in one or more different variants. At the same time as this makes the selection bigger and better, it makes the job of choosing something more difficult.

Choosing the right scratch card depends entirely on what you want to get out of that scratch card. If it is only the kroner that is important, it is of course only to go for it with the highest payout percentage and the best possible prizes. Most people, on the other hand, are looking for good entertainment as well.

Then we can recommend looking for themes in the scratch cards that may be of particular interest to you. After all, scratch cards are made to make players smile and have fun. Of course, it is also incredibly nice to have a prize from time to time.

The rules around scratch cards at online casinos 

Scratch cards at an online casino of course work in a slightly different way than the classic scratch cards that can be bought in kiosks and shops. It is important to become familiar with the rules of the scratch card, as these can vary from scratch card to scratch card.

First and foremost, it is important to get to know how to invest money on the scratch card. While some online casinos have Norwegian kroner available, it will often be the euro that applies. In most scratch cards, it will be possible to decide in advance how much you want to play for. Then there will be a plus and minus sign at the bottom of the screen where it is possible to increase or decrease the bet in the game. The more you bet, the greater the betting potential of the game. Online scratch cards are still a relatively inexpensive affair, which does not cost the shirt.

Scratch Cards Online Free Bonus

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