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Quickspin Casino is a name we're hearing more and more in the casino industry. This is because the company is always working hard to develop new, high-quality slots. Quickspin is behind popular video slots such as Spinion's Beach Party, Gold Lab, Big Bad Wolf, Sakura Fortune, Pied Piper, Dwarfs Gone Wild and Volcano Riches. Maybe you've played some of these before, without realising that Quickspin was the developer?

On this page, you'll find everything you need to know about Quickspin Casino and their games. As well as which casinos are the best if you want to test their games on your own.

Quickspin Casino Websites 

As of today, there are over 200 online casinos that offer games from Quickspin. However, this can be a bit much to search through. Therefore, we have gathered some of the most popular casinos with games from Quickspin below. In these casinos, you can play Quickspin games on mobile phones, tablets and PCs. Quickspin puts a lot of effort into making sure that their games work well on mobile devices.

If you want to see the full list of Quickspin Casinos, check out all the online casinos we've tested. There you can filter casinos based on game provider, as well as a number of other criteria.

Facts about Quickspin Casino 

Quickspin has its roots in Sweden and is headquartered in Stockholm. The company was founded in 2011 and has grown rapidly since then. In addition to the head office in Stockholm, they also have a branch on the Mediterranean island of Malta. This is not surprising, as much of Europe's casino industry is based on the small island and draws its casino licence from there.

At the time of writing, the company has released 42 slots, with plans to release 12 more in 2018. At this rate, it won't be long before their game library doubles in size. Of the 42 games launched, 36 of them are available on mobile, emphasising the company's focus on mobile gaming.

The company currently has 79 employees from all over the world, most of whom are based at the head office in Stockholm, with a smaller group based in Malta.

In addition to typical video slots at online casinos, Quickspin also develops so-called Free-to-Play slots. That said, video slots are by far their biggest and most important source of revenue and focus area.

Quickspin Casino Slots 

What sets Quickspin apart from other game providers in the casino industry is their attention to detail. Almost all of their games feature stunning, hand-drawn graphics, great animations and creative gameplay elements that you won't find anywhere else. In many ways, the company is reminiscent of another small game provider called Thunderkick, which also makes games of the same calibre.

One of the things that characterises Quickspin's games is their clear themes and graphics. Each slot has a very specific, and often creative, theme. Take the Volcano Riches slot for example. This slot takes players on a cultural journey to Polynesian tribal culture with all the exciting elements it has to offer, such as volcanoes, Polynesian art and the Polynesians themselves.

Below we take a closer look at 3 of the best slots Quickspin has to offer right now, in random order. Keep in mind that the company has 42 games in total, and there are many great games that could just as easily make the list. We, therefore, recommend that you try out several of the games on your own to find your own favourite.

Wins of Fortune Wins of Fortune game review

Wins of Fortune, launched in 2017, was an instant success for Quickspin. The slot takes players on an unforgettable journey deep into Asia. The slot is a prime example of Quickspin's penchant for unfamiliar cultures, which is often recognised in many of their games.

The game has a very special layout with 5 reels. The reels have 3,3,4,4 and 5 rows respectively, which creates a slightly different slot experience than we're used to from typical 5×3 slots.

The bonus features in the game also offer a fun variation from classic slots: Every time you win, a respin is activated, allowing for further wins. When a respin is activated, winning symbols will remain on the screen, moving one reel to the left. This continues until all winning symbols are gone from the screen. You can then continue playing as normal.

And respins for hold on long enough, the ultimate bonus feature will activate: Super respins. This feature fills the entire board with 5 rows, and suddenly you're left with a 5×5 setup. Otherwise, the mode works in the same way as normal, with re-pins continuing until all winning symbols are gone from the screen.

Northern Sky Northern Sky slot machine

Northern Sky is a slot inspired by Scandinavian nature and culture. The symbols in the game are based on Nordic fauna, with glittering symbols based on animals such as foxes, owls, bears and reindeer. The game has a more standard layout than Wins of Fortune, with 5 reels and 3 rows.

However, the game retains the same respin feature as Wins of Fortune. Every time you get a winning combination, the winning symbols will remain on the screen, while the rest of the symbols are re-spun. This continues until there are no more winning combinations to pick up.

In addition to respins, the game has a free spins round that will delight all free spin hunters out there. If you get three scatter symbols in a game round, you activate the free spins round where you receive 10 free spins. When you spin your free spins, all the lowest-paying symbols are discarded, leaving you with only the most valuable symbols in the game. In other words, there is a risk of big wins if you activate this round.

Fairy Gate Fairy Gate Slot Review

Finally, we must mention the Fairy Gate slot machine. This slot takes the player on an adventure deep into the forest, where the magical fairies reside. The graphics in this game are impeccable, and you really feel like you're taking part in the magical world you're visiting.

The game has a classic 5×3 layout, but offers bonus features that make it just as exciting every time you play.

One of the bonus features in the game is Fairy Wild Respins. This feature can appear randomly on any normal spin. When the feature is activated, two extra reels are added to the board. These reels consist of so-called fairy orbs. Each time you get a fairy orb on a spin, 2-5 wilds are added to the board, increasing your chances of winning significantly.

Fairy Gate also has a free spin mode, which is awarded when you get 3 scatter symbols on the board at the same time. You'll then get 10 free spins, and these will spin automatically. In addition, you'll get back the two extra reels that were active during Fairy Wild Respins, which means you can get fairy orbs on your free spins too. Thus, you can end up with plenty of wilds on the board throughout the free spins round.

Quickspin Casino FAQ 

How to find Quickspin Casino Bonuses? 

Quickspin constantly organises promotions related to its slots. These promotions often appear when new games are released on the market. So it's important to keep an eye on your favourite casino around the time a new slot is launched. It can also be a good idea to keep an eye on Quickspin's own website to find out when new slots are released.

Alternatively, you can check out the news page here at FreeSpinsGratis.com. There, we constantly inform you about promotions and offers related to new slots. As well as a host of other news, tips and tricks from the world of casinos.

What languages are available in Quickspin's games?

Quickspin's games are unfortunately only available in English. This isn't necessarily a big problem for most players, but it would still be nice to be able to choose your own language. Especially for players who struggle with English, which is certainly a problem in many parts of Europe.

How to choose the best Quickspin Casinos?

The best Quickspin Casino is the one that fulfils all the criteria you set. So this is a completely individual question that you have to decide for yourself. If you don't know where to start your search, you can click on “Best Casinos” at the top of the main menu on this page.

Before you find your perfect Quickspin Casino, you should decide whether a welcome bonus is important to you. If so, there are some casinos that offer significantly larger bonuses than others. If you're keen on no deposit bonuses, there are also some casinos that offer them in exchange for creating an account at their casino.

You may also want to choose an online casino that has your native language, both on the website itself and at customer service. This makes it much easier to contact support should you encounter any problems while playing.


Quickspin offers world-class video slots, taking players to far-flung corners of the East and West in search of the next big win. What best characterises Quickspin's games is the company's desire to constantly surprise the player with different cultural impressions and experiences.

In addition, their games often have very good graphics, which makes them even more fun to play. It's also interesting to see how different many of their games are – so different that it could almost seem like they came from completely independent developer studios. This is a testament to how much energy the company puts into developing unique experiences every single time they release a new slot.

While the theme and graphics are always unique, there are certain gameplay elements that are consistently recognised in many of their games. For example, many of their games feature so-called respins. This feature usually means that the winning symbols from a spin are left on the screen while the rest of the board is re-spun. Without you having to bet more money.

Note that there are many Quickspin games we haven't even talked about on this page that definitely deserve attention. Therefore, we highly recommend that you check out the games the company has to offer you and find your own favourite in the selection.

We're very excited to see what games Quickspin Casino will come up with in the future. And we can't wait to take a deep dive into whatever they come up with next. At the same time, we hope the company continues to attract employees from all corners of the world. This seems to have a big impact on the variety of games they develop.

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