Casino War

Casino War Review

There are many different casino games to choose from – so many that it is easy to lose track. Here we will take a closer look at one of the easiest casino games to learn. Casino War is the game we are talking about and it has been played since the '70s.

Both land-based and online casinos can today offer this game as part of their game selection. The game is not as popular today as when it first appeared, but it still has its followers.

Casino War is an interpretation of the card game that was popular in childhood, simply known as β€œwar” or β€œduel”. Basically, Casino War is about getting the highest card. The players draw one card each from the deck, and the one who draws the card with the highest value becomes the lucky winner.

Here you can read everything you need to know about the game's rules, house edge and other relevant info.

To be frank, Casino War very difficult to find online: Casino War is unfortunately available at only a few online casinos we have tested. Considering that we have tested over 2000 different casinos, there is thus little chance that you will find an online casino that runs Casino War. We, therefore, recommend that you find another table game, such as Casino Hold’em Poker.

The origin of Casino WarΒ 

Casino War is a casino game developed in Las Vegas by the owner of a casino. This guy wanted to offer his customers a new card game that they had never tried before. Customers, for their part, wanted a card game that was fast, fun and interesting, with different ways to win and simple rules.

The casino owner was inspired by the new players who appeared in the casino. They were not interested in the classic games like Blackjack, Baccarat or Poker. After getting acquainted with what the players were looking for, he decided to introduce β€œwar” to the casino. Shortly afterward, he renamed the game Casino War. The game became an instant classic, but never gained the same popularity as Blackjack, Baccarat and Poker.

Casino War: Rules and the course of the game Casino War Online Game

One of the things that made Casino War a success was the simple rules of the game. The game starts with six decks that are dealt evenly between the player and the dealer. Before this, the player must have already made a bet. When the decks are dealt, the player and the dealer each receive a card. If the player receives the card with the highest value, he has won and will receive a doubling of his bet.

If it is the dealer who gets the card with the highest value, the player will lose his first bet. In other words, it is incredibly easy to learn, and not least easy to teach to others.

The real excitement of Casino War comes when the game is a draw. If the first two cards dealt result in a draw, the player will have the opportunity to surrender or β€œwar” against the dealer. If the player chooses to give up, half of the bet will be lost, but it will not be possible to incur more losses.

If the player chooses to fight the dealer, the player must double the bet made at the beginning of the game and then draw a new card. The dealer then discards three cards, before dealt a new card to the player and himself. If the player has the highest value on card number 2, he will be the winner and receive three times the original bet in winnings.

House edge in Casino WarΒ 

The odds of winning in Casino War vary depending on the number of decks used in the game. If you use the usual number, with six decks of cards, the house (casino) advantage will be 2.88%. If only one deck is used, the advantage will be reduced to 2.42%.

In some casinos, there is an extra bonus available if the game ends in a draw, which will also change the odds in the game. Thus, it is important that players read the rules in each game before they start, as this is something that varies from game to game and casino to casino. It may be possible to contact customer service for more information.

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