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Nolimit City Casino is a game developer from Sweden that develops great casino games with incredible quality. Even though the developer itself hasn't been on the market for very long, they have a knowledgeable team! Of course, they make sure that you as a player get great slots to play at your favourite casino. The team here has over 10 years of experience in the industry and knows exactly what entertains players the most.

There are many online casinos that carry games from Nolimit City, but not all of them are equally good. Below we have listed some of our favourite casinos that carry Nolimit City casino games. Have fun!

Facts about Nolimit City Casino

Happy employees = great casino games

If there's one thing Nolimit City understands, it's the importance of making sure their employees are happy at work. A good working environment is very high on Nolimit City's list. They create this by hiring the right people for the right positions and giving their employees a lot of freedom and flexibility.

You'd think that this would be a given for all companies, but unfortunately, not everyone has realised just how important this is. That's why it's so great that Nolimit City has placed such a strong focus on well-being – and it's easy to see this in the quality of their games.

Unlike most other game developers, Nolimit City Casino is very open to suggestions and ideas from operators. This is something they mention both directly and indirectly on their website. Definitely, a plus, which shows that they care about what both players and operators think.

Technical aspects and great entertainment

Developing casino games is a technical job, to say the least. There is a lot to be done in terms of set-up, special features in the games, etc. To ensure that this is always done perfectly, they use a good platform that is designed to be both fast and flexible. This platform has been created over several years, so they have really made sure to fine-tune it properly!

The other thing that's really important for developing good games is their integration with operators. For Nolimit City, there are two sides to this: The server-side API that is for transactions, and the JavaScript package that is used to load the games and to monitor the activity on the games. The advantage of this solution is that it gives the operator virtually full control over everything that happens in the game.

Last, but certainly not least, there is a system for the operators where they can find all the information they need when it comes to the players' activity on the games. This is necessary to make it easier for the casino to help players when they encounter problems while playing. If you love slot machines, you've probably experienced that technical problems can occur. And that it can take quite a long time for the online casino to solve the problem. With a well-functioning system, it will also be easier for the support team to help players when they encounter problems with the games.

Strong focus on quality and usability 

When it comes to user-friendliness on the site, we can definitely say that it's harder to find a site that is as easy to navigate. Here, they have made all the content on the site as easy to read and clear as possible, and despite having all the information on one page, it is very easy to go to the different sections using the menu.

With just one click, you're immediately taken to the games, careers with the developer and their about us page. In addition, you have a link to operators and affiliates at the top left of the screen, and contact + news at the top right.

Nolimit City Casino Games 

One thing that is easy to notice when looking at Nolimit City's game selection is all the colours. All the games have great colours and, not least, some pretty cool logo images that make them very visually appealing. In addition, they are not printed together, as is often the case with many developers and some online casinos. Another thing we notice is the fun themes and the variety of these.

There are games with a scary theme, others with a food theme, money, a German beer fest and more. Not only that, the games are also fully optimised for all devices; PC, mobile and tablet. All you really need to play their games is an internet connection and your favourite casino. But don't forget that not all online casinos offer games from this developer (yet anyway). So if your favourite casino doesn't offer this, you have the option to play at the online casinos listed further down in this review.

To date, Nolimit City Casino has developed and launched 29 games. But believe us when we say that these 29 games easily beat many of the games from the bigger developers. That's because Nolimit City emphasises the high quality of their games. They develop games less frequently to ensure that the graphics, features, themes and quality are top-notch. So you'll probably never see anything half-baked from this developer!

Best Nolimit City Slots 

Top 10 games from Nolimit City Casino:

  • Dungeon Quest
  • Ice Ice Yeti
  • Coins of Fortune
  • Tesla Jolt
  • Casino Win Spin
  • Kitchen Drama: BBQ Frenzy
  • Wixx
  • Kitchen Drama: Sushi Mania
  • Thor Hammer Time
  • Space Arcade
  • Creepy Carnival

Nolimit City Casino launches several new games every year. So, it means that you can look forward to new slots every now and then. Keep an eye on the casinos or Nolimit's website to stay updated. And of course, you can also keep an eye on for updates and reviews of the games from both Nolimit City and other popular game developers.

Below we take a look at some of the most important and popular slot games from Nolimit City Casino. Admittedly, these are just a few of the games on offer. There may be other games you'll like better. Take a trip to your nearest Nolimit City Casino for a complete overview of what games are available.

Kitchen Drama Game Kitchen Drama Game Games

Two fun Nolimit City casino games are Sushi Mania and BBQ Frenzy from the Kitchen Drama game collection. These cute and fun games offer a slightly different experience where Sushi Mania takes place on a wooden island and BBQ Frenzy takes place on a grill.

In both of these games, you'll find live food jumping on the grill/barn only to be burnt/chopped up when a winning combination is made. Both of these games also have 2 different features (one on each side of the reels), ensuring a fun gaming experience!

Oktoberfest and Wixx Oktoberfest and Wixx Slot

Two of Nolimit City's most popular slots are Oktoberfest and Wixx, both of which offer excitement and entertainment. As the name suggests, Oktoberfest takes you to a German beer festival, where you'll meet Gretchen and Hansi, who are both ready to give you a toast to good winnings! Here you have three different features, all of which are a type of free spins with a twist.

The Wixx slot, on the other hand, is completely different. This is a more simplified game with exciting sounds in the background and gemstones as symbols. There are 81 ways to win in this game, and each of the big gemstones here has one function each. For example, you have the Ruby Booster Respin for the red ruby and the Sapphire Booster Respin for the blue sapphire.

Casino Win Spin Casino Win Spin Game

Casino Win Spin is one of the newer games from Nolimit City Casino and offers a more classic look. Here, the developer has chosen to simply take the reels from a classic slot machine and put them in front of a simple blue background with red stripes. Even though this slot is very simple in appearance, it gives you exactly what you need to be entertained. However, it's really fun that it's so reminiscent of the one-armed bandits we used to have in the past.

Best Nolimit City Casinos 

Finding a good online casino to play Nolimit City games at should be easy enough. With a whopping 100+ online casinos and operators hosting Nolimit City games, it's really just a matter of picking and choosing. We're betting that at least one of your favourite casinos can be found in the list below. And while you're at it – how about getting a great welcome bonus at one of the casinos you don't have an account at yet?

If you want to know all the best online casinos, visit our homepage and navigate to the main menu.


Even though Nolimit City is a relatively new player, the people behind the company have more than 10 years of experience in the industry. In other words, they know exactly how to develop exciting, high-quality casino games. To date, they have developed and launched a total of 29 games, most of which have already become very popular with players and operators alike.

Today, there are a total of 100+ online casinos that carry games from Nolimit City Casino. So there's a pretty good chance that your favourite casino is included here! When it comes to their games, they are quite unique with innovative features that you won't find at most online casinos. For example, the games in the Kitchen Drama series – these both have a unique way of playing. We highly recommend games from Nolimit City Casinos! Read more about the developer here.

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