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Bitcoin Casino Online and Mobile [A-Z index]

Full list of Bitcoin Casino games online and mobile. Read our reviews and claim exclusive bonuses – free spins, free chips, and cashback. Instant pay & play!

Welcome to our Bitcoin Casino corner with the best promotions, bonuses, and free spins. This article was created with the purpose of providing bitcoin enthusiasts with information about where to play, what to play and how to play. gaming portal has lots of casino reviews, tips, and guides guaranteed to extend your bitcoin gambling adventure.

List of the best Bitcoin Casinos & Promotions:

(Click on the casino name below to claim your exclusive bonus) – get 3 BTC (or €/$30,000) bonus and 25 free spinsΒ plus $25 exclusive no deposit bonus! – get 0.3 BTC (or €/$12,000) bonus plus 25 no deposit free spins. – get 5 BTC (or €/$500) bonus and 200 free spins. – get 150 free spins bonus with no wagering required! – get 5000 EUR highroller bonus and 300 free spins! – get 1500 EUR bonus and 100 free spins! – get 0,4 BTC (or €/$/200) bonus and 50 free spins. – get 1 BTC (or €/$/1,000) bonus and free bonus coins. – get 1 BTC (or €/$/1,000) bonus and 200 free spins. – get 2 BTC (or €/$/600) bonus and 150 free spins or €/$/2000 (5 BTC) high roller bonus. – get 2 BTC (or €/$/400) bonus and 130 free spins. – get 1 BTC bonus and 100 free spins.

BC.Game – get 2 BTC (or €/$/2000) bonus and 300 free spins – get 5Β BTC (or €/$/5000) bonus and 250 free spins – get 2 BTC (or €/$/600) bonus and 70 free spins.

Kosmonaut Casino – get €550 welcome bonus and 150 free spins. – get 6 BTC (or €/$/11,000 !!!) bonus and 60 free spins !!! – get 1 BTC (or €/$/1,000) bonus and 100 free spins. – get 3 BTC (or €/$/1,000) bonus and 175 free spins. – get 3 BTC (225% extra) bonus and 60 free spins. – get 5 BTC (or €/$/250) bonus and 200 free spins. – get 3 BTC (or €/$/300) bonus and 50 free spins. – get 3Β BTC (or €/$/300) bonus and 85 free spins. – get 3 BTC bonus. – get 2 BTC bonus. – get 2 BTC (or €/$/500) bonus. – get 5 BTC (or €/$/500) bonus and 140 free spins. – get 4 BTC (or €/$/400) bonus and 120 free spins. – get 1 BTC (or €/$/300) bonus and 100 free spins. – get 1Β BTC freeΒ bonus and 75 free spins. – get 1,25 BTC (or €/$/500) bonus and 200 free spins.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (aka BTC) is a form of digital cryptocurrency that has become very popular nowadays. Unlike classical and tangible currencies like Euro or Dollar, Bitcoin is fully decentralized peer-to-peer payment network. This means of payment is driven by its users with no central bank or financial intermediary.

Bitcoin as a new form of money was implemented in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. The Bitcoin network has since grown rapidly with many developers working on this brand new concept. The Bitcoin protocol and software exists in open-source and any user around the globe can review the code or modify it on his own. As of 2016, hundreds of thousands of businesses across the world accept bitcoins. This includes brick and mortar shops, online casinos and professional services.

How to pay in Bitcoins?

Bitcoin payments are easier to make than any other form of purchase. Users can make transfers from an e-wallet application, either on your computer or mobile, by entering the recipient's unique address, the desired amount, and pressing the send button. To make it even easier to enter a recipient's details, many electronic wallets can obtain all the necessary information by scanning a QR code or touching two smartphones together with an NFC solution.

When it comes to Bitcoin Casinos they offer bitcoin wallets (Cubits, Copay, Bither, Coinomi, etc) for instant deposits and withdrawals. It's just a matter of one click to transfer your funds between accounts, for free!

The authenticity of each bitcoin transaction is protected by digital signatures, allowing all clients to have full control over sending money from their own Bitcoin addresses. Moreover, anyone can process transactions using the computing power of PC and receive remuneration in BTC for this service.

What are the pros of Bitcoins?

Transfer freedom – It is possible to pay and receive bitcoins anywhere round-the-clock and 365 days a year. Bitcoin allows its holders to be in full control of their cash.

Free payments – There is no charge to receive bitcoins, and many B-wallets let you control a transaction fee when spending. If you put a β€˜higher' fee It may only encourage faster confirmation of your payments. Fees are not related to the amount transferred, so it's possible to send 1,000 BTC for the same fee it costs to send 0,001 BTC.

Fully changeable – Bitcoins can easily be exchanged for euros, dollars, pounds sterling, etc.

Safety and anonymity – Bitcoin transactions are secure, irrevocable, and do not contain clients’ sensitive or personal information. This offers ultimate protection against identity theft. Bitcoin holders can also protect their money with backup and SSL encryption.

Transparent transactions – All information regarding the Bitcoin money delivery itself is readily available on the blockchain for anybody to verify and use in real-time. It is impossible to manipulate the Bitcoin protocol which is cryptographically secure.

Rewards for β€˜miners' – Anybody can mine Bitcoins on the Internet by running software on computer. Mining software looks for transactions broadcast through the P2P network and performs specific tasks to process and confirm these deals. Bitcoin miners do this work because they collect transaction fees paid by Bitcoin users for faster transaction processing. For new BTC transfers to be accepted, they need to be included in blocks along with a mathematical proof-of-work (POW) system. This requires miners to perform billions of calculations per second before their blocks are approved by the network and before they are paid.

What are the cons of Bitcoin?

There are some disadvantages of using Bitcoins, but of very little importance.Β And here they are:

Degree of awareness – Many people are still unconvinced to Bitcoin since it's a revolutionary change comparing to previously known payment systems. As predicted, this volatility will decline as the Bitcoin community and the technology matures.

Ongoing evolution – Bitcoin software is still under development with many incomplete features. New products like casinos, cash machines (ATM) and other services are being now connected to the global Bitcoin network.

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