Roulette Online

Roulette Online & Strategy

Roulette is an exciting casino game with roots dating back to the 18th century. We take a look at the game and especially roulette online at online casinos. Find out all about the game and see which casinos are best for you who want to play roulette online.

A casino or online casino without a Roulette table is simply not complete. Roulette is simply a fantastic casino game that will always have a special place in the hearts of many casino players. Few games offer simplicity and pure excitement to the same degree as roulette.

And even though the rules are simple and the stakes do not have to be that big, there are actually opportunities to win big!

Roulette History 

Roulette as we know it today originated in the gaming houses of Paris in the late 18th century. Hence the name “Roulette”, which comes from French and means “small wheel”. At that time, they used the same variant that we today, ironically, call “American roulette”. It took 50 years before the “European” version came, then with an extra, green 0 on the board.

During the 19th century, Roulette grew in popularity around the world. When the famous Monte Carlo casino started using the variant with the green 0, it spread all over Europe and as well as the rest of the world. The Americans, however, stuck to the original, double zeros.

In modern times, the worldwide development of casinos and not least online casinos, has given roulette enthusiasts and other casino players the opportunity to test both variants.

The Devil's Game  

There are many myths and legends about Roulette as a game. Take, for example, the story of François Blanc (the man behind the first casino in Monte Carlo). According to the myth, the man eventually became so obsessed with cracking the code and “winning the game” that he made a deal with the devil.

Without knowing this for sure, one thinks that the story stems from one of the mathematical phenomena that Roulette presents: the numbers on a roulette wheel (1-36 and 0 and 00 for the American wheel) are added together to the number 666, which is the devil's number.

Strategy & Tips: How to Win at Roulette Online Roulette Online Guide

Play on the outside of the table ✔️

Many Roulette players think it is wise to place the bet on specific numbers, in order to achieve a big win. But the math actually looks like this:

The odds of winning on a specific number are 37: 1. This equates to a 2.7% chance in European Roulette and 2.6% in American.

If, on the other hand, you place the bet outside the table (ie on red/black, even/odd or high/low) you stand a odds of 48.6% (European) or 47.4% (American) chance of triggering gain! But also remember that the payout will be smaller if you bet this way.

Increase the odds of winning on the inside ✔️

If, despite the math, you want to place the bet inside the table, you should at least bet on more numbers.

By placing the chips correctly, you can bet on several numbers at the same time lying close together on the table, with one and the same bet.

Of course, the payout will not be as high as it would be if you only bet on one number, but the probability of winning at all increases!

Play European Roulette ✔️

European Roulette differs from American Roulette in that the European one contains only one zero, as opposed to two in American.

This means that in European Roulette you have one less chance of hitting zero, and thus a greater chance of hitting something else, such as odd, even or color. All in all, you have somewhat greater chances of winning in European Roulette.

Test different Roulette strategies ✔️

Although you may find that many Roulette strategies do not work immediately, they still provide a “try and fail” approach to the game. You will become better acquainted with the course of the game, the possibilities and the various aspects.

Some well-known Roulette strategies that you can try out are:

  • The Martingale Strategy
  • The Reverse Martingale Strategy
  • The D’Alembert Strategy
  • The Fibonacci Strategy
  • The James Bond Strategy

Learn through Multiplayer Roulette Online ✔️

Many online casinos offer Multiplayer Roulette where other players are also virtually present at the same table and you can communicate with them. Playing with other Roulette players can be a great way to pick up tips and learn about the game, as well as a slightly different and fun way to play.

Take care of the money

Bankroll management or control of money is extremely important when playing gambling, including Roulette. It is important to have control over the money and not bet more than you can afford to lose. This will definitely not make you rich!

Roulette – A simple game

Roulette Online Strategy

Roulette is a simple game, and that may be one of the reasons for its huge popularity. You can play exactly when you want, and you do not need large amounts of experience to become good, as you need in both poker and blackjack, for example. Of course, it's no secret that this game is about luck, but that's not the point either. You can have a lot of fun playing it, and that's exactly the principle!

The simple is often the best, and it usually applies in the casino as well. If you think about it a bit, you will probably see that these are the simplest games you have played the most, and not least the best.

Roulette Online Rules 

The rules of roulette are quite simple: You place the number of chips you want to bet on the fields on the board that you believe in the most. Some fields pay off more than others. This has to do with the probability of the ball hitting. Then the ball is rolled, and you wait for it to stop in one of the “pockets”. Which pocket it ends up in determines whether you win or lose.

Depending on the type of roulette wheel you are playing on, there are 37 (American) or 38 (European) numbers on the roulette wheel. All losing bets are removed from the table, before the croupier takes care of all the winning bets individually. If you play online, the payouts will automatically be credited to your player account.

You can bet as much or as little as you want, as long as it is within the betting limits on the table you are playing at. These restrictions are up to the casino to decide. The limitations are an important factor for you who want to try your hand at different roulette strategies.

There are many different betting objects in roulette. The most common is to bet on a specific number, which usually gives a payout of 35/1. Other common bets can be whether the color is red or black, odd or even numbers and corners (a chip covers four numbers which gives 8/1 if any of the four numbers come).

House Edge – European vs. American Roulette

In American roulette, the casino/house has an edge of 5.26%. A European table that does not have a “00” on the board has an edge of 2.70%. In other words, you are more likely to win if you play the European variant.

  • House edge in American roulette: 5.26%
  • House edge in European roulette: 2.70%

As you can see, the house edge is almost doubled in American roulette, due to the extra pocket on the wheel. Thus, American roulette is a game with poor value when you compare it to European roulette, so if you have the choice, it is best to play the European variant!

High Roller Roulette Online Roulette Online High Roller

Do you play with relatively large sums and can afford to lose? If you answer yes to both of these questions, you can probably call yourself a High Roller, or Big Player.

Then High Roller Roulette might be one of your favorite games? The game is often considered the very adrenaline game at the casino and is clearly one of the games where people with big money like to gamble.

As a High Roller, you can get many benefits. Because you trade a lot, you are seen as a valuable player for the casino. Therefore, they reward you with a little extra for the game. For example, High Rollers often get the opportunity to participate in their own promotions and receive larger bonuses to play with. In some places, they can get faster withdrawals and personal service.

If you are a major player, you probably also have some criteria for the online casinos you choose to play at, for example in relation to welcome bonuses and bonus systems. In our collection of online casinos, you can compare and filter online casinos according to your wishes, so that it becomes easier to find the right casino for you. Of course, this also applies to “regular” players!

Remember that it takes a lot of money before you are considered a High Roller by the casino. Never play for more than you can afford to lose!

To look at the different casino bonuses you can read more here.

Best Online Casinos with Roulette 

NameNo DepositWelcome BonusLicences
Rolling Slots Casino
Rolling Slots free spins bonus

10 free spins500€ + 100 FS
Pledoo Casino
Pledoo free spins bonus
3000€ + 225 FSCuracao
Westpoint Casino
West Point Casino free spins bonus
500€ + 100 FSCuracao
Winfest Casino
Winest Free Spins
50 free spins500€ + 150 FSMalta
Combo Slots Casino
Combo Slots free spins bonus
450€ + 375 FSMalta
SuperBoss Casino
SuperBoss free spins bonus
50 free spins1700€ + 100 FSCuracao
Playerz Casino
Playerz free spins bonus
1500€ + 50 FSMalta
Club Riches Casino
ClubRiches free spins bonus
3000€ + 100 FSCuracao
Spinnalot Casino
Spinnalot free spins bonus
600€ + 200 FSMalta
SpinYoo Casino
SpinYoo free spins bonus
1000€ + 100 FSMalta, UK
Vegas Lounge Casino
Vegas Lounge Casino free spins bonus
400€ + 50 FSMalta, UK Casino free spins bonus
50 free spinsMalta
Friends Casino
Friends Casino free spins bonus
20 free spins200€ + 20 FSSeychelles Casino free spins bonus
11 BTC + 300 FSCuracao
Hejgo Casino
Hejgo Casino free spins bonus
20 free spins500€ + 20 FSMalta
BetWorld247 Casino
BetWorld247 free spins bonus
500€ + 20 FSMalta
MillionPot Casino
MillionPot free spins bonus
400€ + 100 FSMalta, UK
OhMySpins Casino
OhMySpins free spins bonus
500€ + 200 FSMalta, UK
ApuestaMos Casino

300€ + 300 FSMalta, UK
PlaYouWin Casino
PlaYouWin free spins bonus
400€ + 120 FSCuracao
BetOBet Casino
BetOBet Casino free spins bonus
500€ + 200 FSCuracao
Bizzo Casino
15 free spins400€ + 150 FSCuracao
National Casino
National Casino free spins bonus
15 free spins300€ + 150 FSCuracao
Spinia Casino
Spinia Casino free spins bonus
15 free spins250€ + 50 FSMalta
CasinoChan Free Spins Bonus
15 free spins400€ + 120 FSCuracao
BetAmo Casino
BetAmo Casino free spins bonus
15 free spins200€ + 200 FSMalta
Woo Casino
Woo Casino free spins bonus
15 free spins200€ + 200 FSCuracao
Cookie Casino
Cookie Casino free spins bonus
15 free spins200€ + 220 FSMalta
PlayAmo Casino
PlayAmo Casino free spins bonus
15 free spins300€ + 150 FSCuracao
20bet Casino
20bet Casino free spins bonus
15 free spins220€ + 170 FSCuracao
Avalon78 Casino
Avalon78 Casino free spins bonus
15 free spins250€ + 150 FSMalta
Bob Casino
BOB Casino free spins bonus
15 free spins300€ + 100 FSMalta
Mason Slots Casino
Mason Slots Casino free spins bonus
15 free spins300€ + 100 FSMalta
Evolve Casino
Evolve Casino free spins bonus
1000€ + 100 FSCuracao
RocketPot Casino Casino free spins bonus
1 BTC + 10% cashbackCuracao
Nevada Win Casino
Nevada Win Casino free spins bonus
€10 free chip3000€ + 150 FS + €10 NDBCuracao
Prince Ali Casino
Prince Ali Casino free spins bonus
€10 free chip3000€ + 150 FS + €10 NDBCuracao
Magical Spin Casino
Magical Spin Casino free spins bonus
€10 free chip3000€ + 150 FS + €10 NDBCuracao
Rapid Casino
Rapid Casino free spins bonus
1000€ + 300 FSMalta
ExciteWin Casino
ExciteWin free spins bonus
20 free spins500€ + 200 FSCuracao
Trada Casino
Trada Casino free bonus
20 free spins300€ + 150 FSMalta, UK
IceBet Casino 
IceBet Casino free spins bonus
3000€ + 500 FSCuracao
Pocket Play Casino 
Pocket Play Casino free spins bonus
300€ + 100 FSCuracao
Koi Casino 
Koi Casino free spins bonus
500€ + 100 FSCuracao
Winny Casino 
Winny Casino free spins bonus
10% unlimited cashbackMalta
Coinsaga Casino
Coinsaga Casino free spins bonus
1 BTC + 25 FSCuracao
Vegasoo Casino 
Vegasoo Casino free spins bonus
1500€ + 50 FSMalta
Max Cazino
Max Cazino free spins bonus
30 free spins1000€ or 5 BTC + 300 FSCuracao
TrustDice Casino
TrustDice.Win Casino Free Bonus
$25 Free Cash30,000$ or 3 BTC + 150 FS + $25 NDBCuracao
Fortune Panda Casino
Fortune Panda free spins bonus
1000€ + 150 FSCuracao
NordSlot Casino
NordSlot Casino free spins bonus
700€ + 150 FSMalta
Premier Casino
Premier Casino free spins bonus
1100€ + 80 FSMalta
FortuneJack Casino
FortuneJack Casino free spins bonus
50 free spins6 BTC or 1200€ + 250 FSCuracao
Gioo Casino
Gioo Casino free spins bonus
350€ + 100 FSMalta
Yoju Casino
Yoju Casino free spins bonus

20 free spins500€ or 3 BTC + 340 FSCuracao
Goodman Casino
Goodman Casino free spins bonus
20 free spins500€ or 3 BTC + 150 FSCuracao
Cocos Casino
Cocos Casino free spins bonus
3750€ + 100 FSCuracao Casino Casino free spins bonus
200€ + 200 FSCuracao
TrueFlip Casino
TrueFlip Casino free spins bonus
1000€ + 150 FSMalta
Slotvibe Casino
Slotvibe Casino free spins bonus
20 free spins500€ or 5 BTC + 200 FSCuracao
FightClub Casino
FightClub Casino free spins bonus
400€ + 150 FSCuracao
Casino Adrenaline
Casino Adrenaline free spins bonus
20 free spins1 BTC + 100 FSCuracao
CatCasino free spins bonus
1900€ + 150 FSCuracao
Spinfinity Casino
Spinfinity Casino free spins bonus
30 free spins12500$ + 50 FSCuracao
SlotsRoom Casino
SlotsRoom Casino free spins bonus
20 free spins50000$ + 200 FSCuracao
Roaring 21 Casino
Roaring 21 Casino free spins bonus
45 free spins10000$ + 50 FSCuracao
Cherry Jackpot Casino
Cherry Jackpot Casino free spins bonus
100 free spins16000$ + 100 FSCuracao
CasinoMax free bonus
$40 free chip9750$ + $40 NDB + 25 FSCuracao
Cleopatra Casino
Cleopatra Casino free spins bonus
25 free spins8000€ + 100 FSCuracao
Paradise Casino
Paradise Casino free spins bonus

25 free spins700€ + 60 FSMalta free spins bonus
25 free spins12000€ + 100 FSCuracao
Live Casino
Live Casino free spins bonus
25 free spins300€ + 100 FSMalta
Kingdom Casino
Kingdom Casino free spins
25 free spins600€ + 100 FSCuracao
Sportaza Casino
Sportaza Free Spins Bonus
20 free spins500€ + 200 FSCuracao
LevelUp Casino
LevelUp Casino free spins bonus
20 free spins500€ or 5 BTC + 200 FSCuracao
MadMax Casino

1000€ + 277 FSCuracao
Vesper Casino
Vesper Casino Free Spins Bonus
4000€ + 400 FSCuracao
Arlekin Casino
Arlekin Casino free spins bonus
20 free spins950€ + 200 FSCuracao
Kakadu Casino
Kakadu Casino free spins bonus
20 free spins500€ + 150 FSMalta
Vulkan Vegas Casino
Vulkan Vegas Casino Free Bonus
1000€ + 175 FSCuracao
Casino Masters
Casino Masters free bonus
200€ + 30 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Skol Casino
Skol Casino free spins bonus
1300€ + 250 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Lucky Bull Casino

€5 free cash888€ + 50 FS + €5 NDBMalta
BetUS Casino

$50 free chip7500$ + $50 NDBCuracao
7Bit Casino
7Bit Casino Free Spins
10 free spins500€ or 4 BTC + 100 FSCuracao
Katsubet Casino
Katsubet Free Spins
10 free spins500€ or 4 BTC + 100 FSCuracao
Boka Casino

20 free spins500€ + 200 FSMalta
Conquestador Casino
Conquestador Casino free spins bonus
100% up to £200 + 200 FSUK
BluVegas Casino
BluVegas Casino free spins bonus
2000€ + 200 FSMalta
RocketPlay Casino
RocketPlay Casino free spins bonus
30 free spins100 free spinsCuracao
Mr Mega Casino
Mr Mega Casino free bonus
20 free spins100 free spinsMalta, UK
Sir Jackpot Casino
Sir Jackpot Casino free spins bonus
20 free spins120 free spinsMalta
Evospin Casino
Evospin Casino Bonus
25 free spins100 free spinsMalta
CasinoBuck  Bonus
20 free spins200 free spinsMalta
HeySpin Casino
HeySpin Casino Bonus
100 free spinsMalta, UK
Horus Casino
Horus Casino
125 free spinsCuracao Casino Casino
150 free spinsCuracao
Winota Casino
Winota Casino
20 free spins500€ + 100 FSMalta Games Games
1 BTC + 100 FSCuracao
FansBet Casino

10 free spins2000€ + 10 FS + €60 free betsMalta, UK
NewVegas Casino

$10 Free Chips10000$ + 50 FS + $10 NDBCuracao
Casiqo Casino

10% cashback weeklyMalta
Praise Casino

30 free spins6000€ + 300 FSMalta
Abo Casino

20 free spins550€ + 200 FSCuracao
Kim Vegas Casino

20 free spins1300€ + 20 FSCuracao
888Starz Casino

25 free spins1500€ + 150 FSCuracao
CasiGO Casino

1100€ + 375 FSMalta, UK
Mr Vegas Casino

200€ + 11 FSMalta, Sweden
Casino Sinners

1500€ + 50 FSCuracao

15 free spins525$ + 100 FSCuracao
Rock N Rolla Casino

0,40 BTCCuracao
Rush Casino
900€ + 100 FSMalta
GreenSpin Casino
20 free spins5000€ + 300 FSCuracao
Casino Dome
20 free spins200€ + 21 FSMalta
Zig Zag 777 Casino
15 free spins1000€ + 115 FSCuracao
IVI Casino
22 free spins1500€ + 180 FSCuracao
Kosmonaut Casino
550€ + 150 FSCuracao
Wheelz Casino
20 free spins300€ + 100 FSMalta
Whamoo Casino
600€ + 70 FS or 370 FSMalta
Emojino Casino
1500€ + 120 FSMalta
Savarona Casino
300€ + 100 FSCuracao
GSlot Casino
30 free spins200€ + 200 FSMalta
Wild Fortune Casino
25 free spins300€ + 300 FSMalta
Casino Friday
20 free spins500€ + 200 FSCuracao
Casino Superlines
25 free spins1800€ + 200 FSCuracao
Spin Away Casino
1000€ + 100 FSCuracao
Spinurai Casino
1500€ + 150 FSMalta
Nitro Casino
100 free spins150€ + 250 FSMalta
Casino Days
20 free spins500€ + 100 FSCuracao
Sticky Wilds Casino
500€ + 200 FSCuracao
Casino Lab

1500€ + 300 FSMalta, Sweden
Casino Universe

20 free spins800€ + 100 FSMalta
Jack21 Casino
20 free spins360€ + 50 FSCuracao
Royal Rabbit Casino 
20 free spins500€ + 250 FSCuracao
Boomerang Casino

20 free spins500€ + 200 FSCuracao
Explosino Casino
20 free spins1000€ + 150 FSCuracao
Viggoslots Casino
1000€ + 170 FSCuracao
Neon Vegas Casino

7Signs Casino
1000€ + 50 FSCuracao
AmunRa Casino
1000€ + 100 FSCuracao
Megaslot Casino
100€ + 100 FSMalta
Caxino Casino
200€ + 100 FSMalta
Wildz Casino
500€ + 200 FSMalta
CrazePlay Casino
500€ + 150 FSMalta
Betsedge Casino
325€ + 225 FSCuracao
Rabona Casino
10 free spins500€ + 200 FSCuracao
Vegas Rush Casino
$300 Free Chips13000$ + 150 FS + $300 NDBCuracao
Hallmark Casino

$300 Free Chips13000$ + 150 FS + $300 NDBCuracao
Casino Planet
1500€ + 200 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Crazy Fox Casino
20 free spins20% daily cashbackMalta
Casoola Casino 

1500€ + 200 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
EGO Casino

18 free spins1500€ + 180 FSCuracao
Scatters Casino
25€ Risk-Free BonusMalta
Justspin Casino
100 free spins500€ + 600 FSMalta
Vegas Plus Casino
€10 free cash750€ + 50 FS + €10 NDBCuracao
Kassu Casino
1500€ + 300 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Slotnite Casino
15 free spins1000€ + 215 FSMalta, UK
Jackpot Village Casino
3300€ + 75 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Mr Bit Casino
500€ + 250 FSCuracao
Librabet Casino
10 free spins500€ + 200 FSCuracao
N1 Casino
20 free spins300€ + 120 FSMalta
20 free spins100€ + 100 FSMalta Casino
100 free spins1000€ + 1000 FSMalta
Spela Casino
1000€ + 100 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Temple Nile Casino
1500€ + 105 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Casino Joy
1000€ + 200 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Cresus Casino
300€ + 10 FSCuracao
MaChance Casino
€10 free cash250€ + 20 FS + €10 NDBCuracao
Unique Casino
€10 free cash200€ + 20 FS + €10 NDBCuracao
Frank & Fred Casino
100 free spins1000€ + 300 FSMalta
Dream Vegas Casino
7000€ + 120 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Genesis Casino
1000€ + 300 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Casdep Casino

€10 + 20 free spins500€ + 100 FSCuracao
Casino JEFE
11 free spins275€ + 286 FSMalta
ComeOn Casino
€7 gratis250€ + 10 FS + €7 NDBMalta
OReels Casino
150 free spinsUK
Twin Casino
20 free spins200€ + 520 FSMalta
Drift Casino
100 free spins2000€ + 200 FSCuracao
Frank Casino
150 free spins1000€ + 150 FSCuracao
SlotV Casino
175 free spins3000€ + 175 FSCuracao
APlay Casino
150 free spins3000€ + 150 FSCuracao
Play Frank Casino
20 free spins300€ + 200 FSMalta, Ireland, UK
Spin Rider Casino
4500€ + 110 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Riobet Casino
70 free spins1000€ + 320 FSCuracao
Fruity Casa Casino
10 free spins100€ + 30 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Slot Planet Casino
22 free spins222€ + 44 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Play Grand Casino
10 free spins1000€ + 100 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
21 Casino
21 free spins300€ + 121 FSMalta, Sweden, UK
Casilando Casino
10 free spins300€ + 100 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Voodoo Dreams Casino
1000€ + 200 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
NY Spins Casino
1000€ + 200 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Omni Slots Casino
10 free spins500€ + 70 FSCuracao
Golden Star Casino
25 free spins300€ + 100 FSCuracao
Boa Boa Casino
10 free spins500€ + 200 FSCuracao
Casinia Casino
10 free spins500€ + 100 FSCuracao
Buran Casino
10 free spins500€ + 200 FSCuracao
Yoyo Casino
10 free spins500€ + 100 FSCuracao
Malina Casino
10 free spins500€ + 200 FSCuracao
Wunderino Casino
100€ + 30 FSMalta
Yako Casino
99€ + 99 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Unibet Casino
50 free spins300€ + 200 FSMalta, UK, Alderney, Sweden
Lucky 8 Casino
10 free spins200€ + 10 FSCuracao
Slots Magic Casino
100€ + 50 FSMalta
GunsBet Casino
20 free spins100€ + 100 FSCuracao
LOKI Casino
20 free spins300€ + 100 FSCuracao
Argo Casino
€2 + 20 free spins1500€ + 120 FSCuracao
Bitstarz Casino
20 free spins500€ / 5 BTC + 200 FSCuracao
Samosa Casino
20 free spins300€ + 150 FSMalta
Casino Euro
50 free spins200€ + 50 FSMalta, UK, Alderney
Nordicbet Casino
20 free spins200€ + 200 FSMalta, Sweden
Betsson Casino
100 free spins200€ + 600 FSMalta, UK, Sweden, Alderney, Spain
Betsafe Casino
50 free spins1500€ + 50 FSMalta, UK, Sweden, Alderney
Slotty Vegas Casino
350€ + 135 FSMalta
Royal Panda Casino
10 free spins1000€ + 10 FSMalta
Leo Vegas Casino
50 free spins1600€ + 120 FSMalta, UK, Sweden, Italy, Denmark
Casimba Casino
2000€ + 125 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Miami Dice Casino
1250€ + 200 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Spinland Casino
800€ + 200 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Spin Station Casino
1200€ + 100 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Grand Ivy Casino
1500€ + 100 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Casino Cruise
55 Free Spins1000€ + 200 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Sloty Casino
20 Free Spins1000€ + 300 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Spin It Casino
21 Free Spins1000€ + 200 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Vegas Hero Casino
1000€ + 50 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Hello Casino
10 free spins500€ + 60 FSMalta, UK
Diamond 7 Casino

10 free spins500€ + 60 FSMalta, UK
Gday Casino
10 free spins500€ + 60 FSMalta, UK
21 Prive Casino
10 free spins1000€ + 60 FSMalta, UK
Vera John Casino
100€ + 100 FSMalta Casino
£10 free cash100£ + 21 FS + £10 NDBUK
FUN Casino
11 free spins998€ +111 FSMalta, UK
Dunder Casino
20 free spins600€ + 200 FSMalta, UK, Sweden
Slots Million Casino
500€ + 100 FSMalta, UK
Casumo Casino
20 free spins2000€ + 200 FSMalta, UK, Sweden, Denmark
Casino Room
1000€ + 100 FSMalta
Video Slots Casino
11 free spins200€ + 11 FSMalta, UK, Sweden, Denmark
Karamba Casino
20 free spins200€ + 120 FSMalta, UK
Hopa Casino
20 free spins200€ + 120 FSMalta, UK
Casino Heroes
100€ + 100 FSMalta, Sweden
Mr Green Casino
25 free spins200€ + 225 FSMalta, UK, Sweden, Italy
Lucky Luke Casino
20 free spins900€ + 200 FSCuracao
River Belle Casino
800€ + 50 FSMalta
Mummys Gold Casino
500€ + 50 FSMalta
Spin Casino
330 free spins1000€ + 60 FSMalta
Lucky Nugget Casino
350 free spins200€ + 350 FSMalta
Ruby Fortune Casino
100 free spins750€ + 100 FSMalta
Gaming Club Casino
30 free spins350€ + 30 FSMalta
€5 Free Chip1200€ + 100 FS + €5 NDBMalta
Jackpot City Casino
50 free spins1600€ + 50 FSMalta
All Slots Casino
50 free spins1500€ + 50 FSMalta
Royal Vegas Casino
120 free spins1200€ + 120 FSMalta
Zodiac Casino
480€ + 80 FSMalta, Kahnawake
Quatro Casino
100€ + 700 FSMalta, Kahnawake
Grand Mondial Casino
250€Malta, Kahnawake
Cosmo Casino
250€ + 150 FSMalta
Captain Cooks Casino
475€ + 100 FSMalta, Kahnawake
True Flip Casino
30 free spins160mBTC / 1200€ + 150 FSCuracao
Lucky Dino Casino
7 free spins400€ + 100 FSMalta
Xbet Casino
$10 Free Chips500$ + $10 NDBCuracao
MyBookie Casino
$10 Free Chips2000$ + 50 FS + $10 NDBCuracao
BigSpin Casino
$10 Free Chips2000$ + 50 FS + $10 NDBCuracao
BUSR Casino
$10 Free Chips2500$ + $10 NDBCuracao
MYB Casino
$10 Free Chips2500$ + 50 FS + $10 NDBCuracao

Most online casinos today offer a variety of roulette tables. Many of them can be streamed live from casinos around the world, giving you the ability to communicate with the dealer and other players at the same time.

But it can still be difficult to choose which online casino to play roulette at. After all, there is a sea of ​​different online casinos to play this game with loads of bonuses.

At the top of this article, we have listed what we believe are the best online casinos that offer Roulette Online. When you register, you can claim welcome bonuses, and you can participate in promotions and take advantage of various bonus offers. Or you can choose to only play with your own deposited money.

Be aware, however, that the wagering requirements for table games may be different than for slot machines and odds. So feel free to check the bonus terms before you start using the bonus!

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