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Slot machines are constantly changing and evolving, with constantly new innovations that take the gaming experience to new heights. The latest development is the so-called Megaways slots, which have hundreds of thousands of ways to win. This contributes to a slot machine experience we have never seen before.

One of the very latest innovations in slot machines takes the experience a step further. Megaways slots are a concept that is modern and challenges the way we have always thought of slots. Read on to get an insight into what Megaways slots are and how these slots work in practice!

Play Megaways slots from Big Time Gaming (HERE) or Net Entertainment (HERE). 

What are Megaways slot machines?

Megaways slots were simply named after their key characteristic, namely that there are an incredible number of ways to win. Slot machine developers usually give players between 20 and 40 paylines. Megaways is instead a concept that gives players hundreds of thousands of ways to win – thus there are great opportunities for winning on these slots.

The technology was invented and licensed by the company Big Time Gaming, but there are also other developers who have started making these slots. For example, we have noticed a lot of Megaways slots from NetEnt Casino gaming software! It's simply because players love the many ways you can win. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that Megaways slots also do not stick to the exact same template all the way.

The number of reels and symbols changes along the way

The slots change the number of reels, symbols throughout the game, and thus also the chances of winning. If you include additional elements, such as free spins, wild symbols, scatter symbols, and multipliers, it is not difficult to understand why Megaways slots are so exciting to play on. After all, you never know how big the gains will be!

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that all Megaways slots are considered to have high volatility. This term indicates whether the machine pays out winnings often or not. The higher the volatility, the rarer it is that winnings are paid out. In practice, this means that the gains accumulate and are all the greater when they actually come.

Which developers have the license? Megaways BTG Slots

The Australian developer Big Time Gaming is behind the Megaways technology. Still, just like many other technologies in the slot machine world, the other developers also want to be able to use technology that really strikes. Therefore, Big Time Gaming has offered a license to other developers, so that they can also use the Megaways concept in their slots.

For you as a player, this is good news, as it means you get several different alternative slots. The fact that other developers can license the technology also means that they can add their own elements, and from there develop the technology further. Much of the excitement of licensing lies in what the new developers will do to further develop the technology.

Netent, Scientific Games, Red Tiger Gaming, Push Gaming, and Blueprint Gaming are a handful of developers who have already secured licensing from Big Time Gaming. This means that there are already a number of developers who have the license. There are more in line, which means that we can expect many more Megaways slots in the years to come.

Which Megaways slots are available today? 

Like ordinary slots, Megaways have already come in a number of different themes and designs. This is simply necessary for an industry where everyone delivers a relatively similar basic product. Among other things, there are themes with everything from animals, to TV programs, and not least Norse gods. There is a bit of everything to choose from.

Among the more popular slots are, for example, Medusa Megaways, The Final Countdown, White Rabbit, and Extra Chili. All these slots are based on the Megaways concept, but the concept can after all be twisted and turned so much that it becomes completely different from machine to machine. It's not just the design that is different here!

For example, White Rabbit gives you 248,832 paylines, while Extra Chili offers 117,649. Both slots also have over 97% in RTP, but have high volatility, so it takes a while between the really big gains. If, on the other hand, you like the chance of really big wins periodically, then there is little doubt that you will like these slots.

Here you can try the slot machines

Want to try out a Megaways slot machine? There are many online casinos that offer these slots in their game selection. Wildz, Casumo, Betsson, Unibet, and many more players have started offering these slots. You may want to get a good overview of exactly which slots are offered here, as well as what bonuses the casinos have available.

If you are lucky, you can, for example, find promotions where casinos offer free spins on Megaways slots. Here it is just a matter of keeping your eyes open. In any case, you can also try the slots for free as a test, if you are curious and want to see exactly how these slots operate in practice. If you compare Megaways slots with classic slots, there is, after all, quite a big difference.

The previously mentioned Medusa Megaways can be found at Fun Casino, while Extra Chili can be located at LeoVegas. Among the largest online casinos, many have an offer associated with Megaways slots.


Why settle for 20-40 paylines? Megaways slots are a new technology from Big Time Gaming that gives players almost endless paylines. Here you can quickly spot hundreds of thousands of paylines. The machines also change the number of reels and symbols between each spin, so you never know what's waiting behind the next spin.

Several well-known developers have obtained a license from Big Time Gaming to develop slots with Megaways technology. Furthermore, it is worth noting that all the largest casinos in the industry can now offer these slots. This underlines what a prominent figure Megaways slots have today, and not least how popular they will be in the future!

Mega Ways to Win Big!

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