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Start your gaming adventure at ShinyWilds Casino with a bang! Claim our glittering three-tier starter deal that includes a whopping €2000 in bonus money and 350 free spins. After that, enjoy regular daily promotions and VIP rewards and tournaments. We have already reviewed this brand-new online casino and you can find all details below. Have fun reading and playing for real money!


Not much has been heard of ShinyWilds before, so now we're in for a real dive into the unknown. The only things that are really even known at this point are the just discussed hefty starter package and the brand name, which does get a score from our editorial team.

The moderate amount of hype about this operator is perhaps explained by the fact that it is not operated by any of the industry's big giants as its backing pump. ShinyWilds is the brainchild of a smaller entertainment company known as HNA Gaming N.V. This name is unlikely to ring many bells with anyone…

We're in for a real mystery review, as not a lot of preliminary information has reached our ears. As far as the front punch is concerned, we can already say that the player is in the clear, as the opening slide was really tough stuff. This is not enough for us, of course, but we will go through all the other areas and, for example, we will go through the game selection thoroughly.

ShinyWilds Casino Bonuses 

The sparkle and glitter is there from the very beginning of your visit, with the chance to claim an unbelievably large introductory offer. ShinyWilds Casino clearly spares no expense on the benefits, with the welcome package alone offering a whopping €2,000 and 350 free spins. Add to this all the future promotions, and players who like the perks are in for a real treat at this site. The minimum deposit is €10.

  • 1st deposit: 100% bonus up to €500 + 200 free spins on the Big Bass Bonus
  • 2nd deposit: 75% bonus up to €500 + 100 free spins on Gates of Olympus
  • 3rd deposit: 100% bonus up to €1000 + 50 free spins on Scroll of Adventure

The multi-part introductory offer follows a familiar pattern of building the different pieces. The first dive into the front pack is notoriously good, as it sets the tone for the entire gaming journey. After that, the level usually drops a little for the middle deposits, while the last chance is where you put all your eggs in the basket. Of course, at this point, when you're talking about such large sums, the average gambler's wallet might not have the room to cash out the whole thing.

What about the conditions and rules? Well, when you take a closer look at the information on the welcome bonus, you'll see that it's a so-called non-sticky benefit, which ShinyWilds uses the term “Parachute Bonus”. So first you play with your own money, and only then do you move on to the front money, so if you're lucky you can dodge the bullet that comes in the form of a 50x wagering requirement. Other detailed specs are clearly displayed in the promotion details, so be sure to check them out carefully before depositing.

Fantastic Welcome Offer

Website Look and Navigation 

Will there be glitz and glam that perhaps the name of the venue promises its guests? Well, there is some, but by no means too much. As for the colour palette, ShinyWilds has relied on a blue and purple combo to give the whole a quality and elegant look. The environment is pleasantly calm, but at the same time spectacular, and provides a good base for an entertainment trip. The surface also exudes a sense of quality throughout, with no pixelated clutter to scroll through.

In the construction of the outer shell, the operator has borrowed a few hints from history, especially in terms of layout. In fact, all functions, games and info are placed in the centre of the screen, leaving large margins empty. This might be a conscious choice by ShinyWilds because especially if you're using a larger screen and stuff is spread across the whole width of it, it can be a bit heavy to deal with.

The site is navigated and operated along very much the same paths as any other online gaming platform. Unfortunately, login, authentication, etc. are still handled using traditional methods, so you won't find the fastest way to get around the entertainment. Otherwise, however, the whole thing has been put together in such a way that once the initial work is done, everything rolls along nicely.

In terms of usability, one of the most important things is, of course, the easy and effortless provision of information. ShinyWilds has done a very good job in this respect. The menu on the top bar, which is always with you, ensures that the most important sections are always just a click away. ShinyWilds has, of course, added a game board, promotions, loyalty programme, cashback and search to this list, so you should be able to get a reasonable amount of work done.

ShinyWilds Casino Games 

When it comes to entertainment, the monkeys are looking very shiny and there are a total of 2000 games available on this site. A nice package that covers all aspects of basic gaming, with all the most familiar categories available. Their own listings speak a clear language of what ShinyWilds has to offer, but they also help you get through the collection.

The site's repertoire includes slots, live games, Megaways, jackpots, and regular table games, as well as many of the more traditional styles. We'll take a closer look at some of the categories in a moment, so be sure to check out your favourites. There are sure to be some hits that will appeal to many, so be sure to take a look around ShinyWilds.

One tool to help you choose is the filter, which this time is full of different game studios. There are big and small names, such as Play'n Go, Red Tiger, Playson, and PGSoft. So there has been no skimping on the partners, and all those with the slightest chance of publishing have been included.


There's plenty to do, especially in this category, which takes up most of the site's total offering. Slot machines are the top guns on the market, even if it is a ticky-tacky genre. Perhaps that's the trick, as it's simple enough for anyone in the gaming world.

And of course, with the ShinyWilds Casino name, there are Wilds to play. What this means, then, is that the symbol in question is basically like a wild in card games, completing any winning line-up. If you haven't tried machines in this style before, it's hard to find a more apt place, at least in terms of atmosphere.


The jackpot list, marked with lucky sevens, is a favourite of many players, and there's certainly no need to say why. At ShinyWilds, this section is very generous in size and there seems to be plenty to choose from. The payouts vary quite a bit, so it's worth testing out a few games to make sure you don't miss out on any good opportunities.

However, when jumping into this section, we were a little suspicious that not all of the biggest hits operating in the progressive style are to be found here. This assumption turned out to be true, and it seems that there are no growing pots to be found in the collections. If everything else in the game library is in order, then this is definitely one worthy area for development.


In the menu bar of the games library, right next to the big wins, you'll find this upbeat bunch. Of all the categories presented, Megaways are the latest invention, and as such, their popularity continues to grow. Some clever guy came up with the idea of adding a bit of speed, randomness, and paylines to slot games, and this is where this style got its start.

In terms of variety, it's firmly above the middle of the pack. The breadth of choice when it comes to Megaways isn't at the top end of the spectrum, but when all of the playable titles are quality stuff, it raises ShinyWilds' stock by leaps and bounds. A big thumbs up for this achievement!

Table Games

Then let's jump from fresh stuff to really old stuff. Table games have been around in the entertainment sector really since the beginning and the gaming public have been enjoying roulette, blackjack and poker tables long before the internet was even invented. Fortunately, however, this section has also been able to regenerate and the result is the live casino that is now very much in vogue.

It is in this section that you will find large quantities of all these classic games. However, the games are not powered by a game engine, but by real-world dealers via video. ShinyWilds has really stepped up the live slots game, so this is another area where you can enjoy some quality entertainment.

Thrilling Games

ShinyWilds Casino Support 

In the world of entertainment, however, it's not all glitter and roses, sometimes something breaks or something just goes wrong. To deal with these situations, the site has built a customer service system that is similar to the support services found in other industries. The customer service staff know their stuff and make sure that players are able to keep the machines running.

So how does it work in practice? This time there's no need to physically go to a customer service desk – everything works over the Internet, of course. Email ([email protected]) is another of the channels used and will be familiar to most people from other connections. I doubt there is a single person on the other side of the screen who is encountering email for the first time in ShinyWilds.

The other communication channel in use is live chat, which runs directly on the site. This feature, tuned to the same platform as the games, allows easy access to the source of help, without interrupting other activities. ShinyWilds tries to respond very quickly, especially with this channel, so it's a good idea to use this feature in case of acute problems.

ShinyWilds Casino Payments 

When it comes to payments, the site has put together a wide range of transfer methods to ensure that the final decision remains with the players. The list includes various online payment methods such as Skrill, Visa and Mastercard credit cards, classic bank transfer, mobile payment Chip Mobile and many cryptocurrencies. Let's just say that if you can't find a solution that suits your needs, then you might consider looking in the mirror.

However, since we are not talking about modern instant payments, the old familiar documentary proofs are a fact of life. So, if you want to get through the payment hassle as quickly and easily as possible, we recommend that you take a look at the required documents well in advance. If you do so, then ShinyWilds will be able to offer a reasonably slick approach to withdrawals.

Of course, the payment method you choose also has a lot to do with timings. All the services available are secure, so we recommend you choose one of the faster-operating individuals. More information about transfer processing, payment limits and the like can be found on the ShinyWilds Casino website and it is best to base your decision on the information provided beforehand.

ShinyWilds Gaming Licence 

The supervisory body is the Curacao Authority (8048/JAZ2023-005), a well-known and prominent face in the gambling industry. Especially with newer titles such as ShinyWilds, this body is often encountered, and for a few reasons. One is, of course, geography, as many will go looking for an authority that operates nearby, which logically sounds easier and quicker.

Another factor driving Curacao licences and newcomers together is that this endorsement is perhaps a tad easier to obtain than, for example, the equivalent in the EEA. However, this does not mean that any of the principles will be abandoned and here again the controls are very strict. In conclusion, the Curacao certificate is a very good thing for players.

ShinyWilds Trustpilot Reviews

“Big wholesale games, fast withdrawals and great support. The outer shell is flashy and works well for my eyes at least. Of course, fast processes are to be expected from a modern operator, so let's hope ShinyWilds jumps on the Trustly bandwagon at some point. Plus for the offers! They are good and there is plenty of variety.”

“So far, everything has gone very well! Payments are being processed at a reasonable pace, and there's really nothing bad to say about the service. The range of games is just the right size for my own use, and I don't feel a lack of things to do. I hope things will continue in the future, because I wouldn't be in the mood to look for a new menu master again in a while.”

Of course, the newcomer to the scene has not yet been able to enjoy the attention of the general public. However, a few first-timers have already found their way to ShinyWilds Casino and the start looks very promising.

Things have been put in mint condition from the start and players have noticed. There has been a fair amount of praise compared to development sites, which is always a good thing. In the future, however, things will have to be raised to an even higher level if players are to continue playing on the site.

Who do we recommend ShinyWilds to?

It's never easy to make precise and concise recommendations, because today's gaming houses cater to such a large fan base. In the case of ShinyWilds, for example, the game library and pre-package are something that will appeal to just about anyone.

For regulars, however, this is a really good place to be, as the benefits for active guests are very good. As you level up with loyalty points, the daily cashback percentage, for example, increases. At best, you can get up to 20% cashback, and halfway through you're already talking about 10 points.

So if you happen to be an active reel spinner or a stumper at the gaming tables, it's definitely worth checking out if ShinyWilds would be suitable for you. While you're doing what you love, you can also benefit from the generous rewards culture that the site practices.

Is ShinyWilds a scam?

Underneath the shiny shell, there is no nasty surprise or scam, but a completely watertight entertainment centre operating on pure flour. Although ShinyWilds is not a brand of any big supplier or a much-talked-about place, it has proven itself to be one of the competent individuals during this review.

The licence is in place and that, of course, is everything when it comes to reliability. Furthermore, security is guaranteed by good payment methods and SSL encryption, so the walls of protection are indeed high and solid.

And at this point, with a few reviews already received from players, everything has gone as intended. The first steps of a new player are always a bit of a question mark, of course, but ShinyWilds has proven itself to be an honest and law-abiding citizen right from the start.

Fantastic promotions just a click away!

Summary and Verdict 

Hip hip hooray! We finally reached the finish line with our review. We were treated to the freshly unlocked ShinyWilds, which jumps into the band of 2023 game masters. However, this player will not be playing any backing vocals or maracas, but the quality of his work is good enough to be a decent artist.

The website is nice and functional, which immediately puts the adventure on the right track. The range of games is generous enough and quality is guaranteed, backed by top providers. The promotional package is mind-blowing and, alongside the loyalty programme, gives a nice boost to every visit.

We're pleased with what we see and hopefully you on the other side of the screen will agree. If that's the case, why not drag ShinyWilds Casino over to the screen and see for yourself how things work at the site.

ShinyWilds Casino FAQs

Is ShinyWilds a trustworthy online casino?

All signs point to the fact that the site operates with responsibility, honesty and security at the forefront. There are encrypted connections, quality payment methods and a license from a well-known authority.

How do I open an account at ShinyWilds Casino?

A contact form is used to create an account on the site, which must be completed at the beginning of your first visit. Once the sign-up form is completed, you'll be up and running with the games before you know it.

Where can I read reviews about ShinyWilds Casino?

We have personally compiled a few player comments from various columns on the internet in one place. Reviews and feedback from previous guests can be found in the review section, giving you a comprehensive overview of the reference offered.

Does ShinyWilds Casino offer bonuses and free spins?

New players to this casino are offered large amounts of gifts with their first three deposits. Play money is offered up to €2000 and 350 free spins can also be claimed in the same interval.

How fast are deposits and withdrawals at ShinyWilds Casino?

For deposits, the money is instantly transferred to players' accounts. Withdrawals are reasonably fast-paced and winnings are released as soon as verifications have been completed.

Is ShinyWilds Casino a scam?

Absolutely not, as all the evidence points to the reliability of this gaming operator. Licensing, payment policy and transparency are all up to the required standard, ensuring completely safe gaming visits.

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