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We have received a hot tip from a hot newcomer that is going for success in a very competitive space-free market. Operators that operate solely using bank credentials have reared their head strongly and have gained popularity among players at large, especially for their speedy money transfers and ease of use. Now with a newcomer to this category in the form of Flaming Casino, we're keen to see what this operator is made of.

The standard of what is being done is strong, as the responsible Mountberg B.V. has pushed out many high-quality gaming hubs over the past few years. Beastino Casino and RANT Casino will certainly serve as a model for many who follow the industry's whirlwinds. The professionals are on the case and expectations are therefore rising moderately.

This newcomer has been audited by the Curacao Gaming Authority (8048/JAZ). This gambling commission has carefully checked whether the newcomer complies with every single rule before granting it a license. In other words, if a company does not uphold fair and honest gaming practices, it will be dealt with immediately.

The space-free factor will certainly interest the ranks of the people, so it's time to direct our eyes closely toward Flaming Casino and examine what kind of newcomer it is. In what follows, we'll take a close look at the game selection, among other things, and create a cutting analysis of usability and the functionality of customer service. Welcome to the journey.

Website Theme and Layout 

Surrounded by fire and flames, the first thing that greets the visitor is a flaming figure that follows them around the service. This hothead, the only living creature on the entire site, exudes a nice warmth in a light orange and light blue colour scheme.

So apart from the flame dwarf, there are no other living characters at Flaming Casino, with the rest of the visual effects coming from fire sparks and other fiery objects. The hot energy is therefore transmitted from the screen to the viewer's eye, even though it is a very clean layout.

Simplicity is the word of the day and this is the mantra that Flaming Casino follows with its own implementation. There is no extra bang for the buck visually, but the operator lets the clarity and the games speak for themselves.

Flaming Casino UI/UX 

In terms of their framework, these fast-paced venues rely on a very simple design. This clarity and ease of use is also clearly present at Flaming Casino, with the necessary information highlighted immediately on the homepage and no extra stuff on display. From this home screen, you have access to both the deposit and the selection of games. In addition to the login, the top bar provides direct routes to the payments, promotions and loyalty program columns.

The list of games itself is interestingly structured on the homepage and there is no separate place dedicated to games, with the product range conveniently located on the front page. Of course, the machines are broken down into categories, so there's no need to scroll desperately through one long list. If Flaming Casino's categories don't help you find your favourites, the search feature at the very top of the page is sure to bring up your favourites.

As we've already mentioned, Flaming Casino is conveniently accessible without creating an account and player authentication is done via personal banking credentials. This way, one extra intermediate step is skipped as the account is automatically opened during the first deposit.

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Flaming Casino Bonuses 

There's a double bonus of a ton on your first deposit, plus weekly cash bonuses at Flaming Casino. The action has been heating up in the form of welcome bonuses after a small update, with Flaming Casino slapping a double deposit bonus on the table. A total of up to €1000 can be unlocked on your first deposit.

  • 1st deposit: 100% up to €1000 bonus 

Players who have opened and deposited into an account have seven days to claim the goodies, which then require a 35x wagering requirement. The amount used for activation must also exceed €20, which must of course be taken into account.

There is also weekly cashback available, for example, with percentages that can go up to 25% depending, of course, on the customer level you achieve. In addition, by keeping an eye on the Flaming Casino promotions page, you can stay on top of timed offers so you don't miss out on any reels or other benefits that come with your deposit. Not to be left too thin on the ground, players are also pampered with various competitions and tournaments to fill the gap left by the lack of a welcome offer.

Flaming Casino Games 

After checking out the layout and usability, it's finally time to see what kind of flame-grilled steak this burger has. So let's head over to the Flaming Casino's menu, where you'll find over 5,000 different options. This number gives a convincing picture of the newcomer and we can expect almost every gambler to find favourites from this list.

The sheer number of games doesn't stop the investment, as the library is filled with games from dozens of manufacturers. Of course, among the game makers, the most popular and hard-core publishers stand out, so we can say with a clear conscience that the quality and quantity is right on target.

Indeed, as already mentioned above, the games and their categories open up right in front of your eyes on the front page. This is in line with Flaming Casino's clear and simple policy, examples of which we have already seen under previous headings.

There are ten categories to choose from and in addition to these, you can also list games by manufacturer. The categories that are presented to the player are the most common ones and if that's not enough, there is also a search feature available.


By far the largest category of slot machines in the gaming world is also strongly represented in Flaming Casino's service, and that's where the newcomer's range of games heavily relies on. There's a wide range of options for the spinners of the wheel, and the list is extremely varied.

Familiar titles are sure to come across to everyone, as this newcomer has also filled itself with games from popular manufacturers such as Microgaming. Variety has also been sought by adding the latest releases, which bring their own twist to the mix.

Jackpot Games

To access these games, players should use the search facility on the site. While jackpots have been completely absent from the list, games with higher payouts can be found via the search in the top bar.

However, the biggest million-dollar jackpots are lost somewhere, as they were not visible at all. Progressively increasing payouts will therefore have to be sought elsewhere, but Flaming Casino has a pretty decent selection of jackpots. There are several thousands worth of jackpots to chase, so this grouping hasn't been overlooked.

Megaways Games

Let's take a moment to take our hats off and give a nod of approval towards a list of over 50 different Megaways. There's a commendable number of games with a variety of themes, and entertainment can be found in areas such as the animal kingdom or pirate boats.

There are plenty of great randomness and variable paylines to explore, which is always a good thing of course. After all, this category of games has become one of the most popular on the market over the past few years.

Live Casino & Table Games

If it's card games that interest you most, it's time to move on to live casino and table games. Each of these two brackets is catered for at Flaming Casino with a completely separate and independent classification, making the transition from spinning reels an effortless one.

Pragmatic Play as well as Evolution Gaming have brought out only the hottest treats to this meat counter, so the quality is at a convincing level. There are other publishers in addition to these two and the categories are very diverse.

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Flaming Casino Support 

As usual, help with any problems can be obtained from customer support, which serves players via two different methods, email ([email protected]), phone (+ 357 22 346 367), and live chat. For less urgent and simple issues, it is definitely worth using email, where you can send your message to Flaming Casino and wait for a reply and a solution. This is a very hassle-free way to get your problem solved and you don't have to stay in front of the machine.

Other problems require a quick response and fix, so that's when you should head to Flaming Casino's live chat. Real-time chat is by far the fastest way to get things resolved. From the bottom right of the window, you can easily access the customer support chat, where messages are exchanged conveniently and efficiently.

However, there is not always a need to contact the support team, as some problems can be solved independently. Help for this can be found in the FAQ section for players, which lists many common questions and answers. It's a good idea to read this page before you start playing, so you're already prepared in case you run into a tricky spot.

Flaming Casino Payments 

Deposits and withdrawals are processed safely and securely at Flaming Casino, thanks to the casino’s wide array of trusted payment solutions and encryption technology, which protects all personal and financial data shared by the player. Neteller, Mastercard, Skrill, Paysafecard and Visa are all included in the line-up, and can be set up as preferred banking methods once players are logged in by following the simple on-screen instructions. What's more, players can choose to deposit and/or withdraw money using popular cryptocurrencies!

While deposits are instant, withdrawals may take up to 7 business days to reflect, depending on which method is chosen, and whether account verification documents have been received and approved. This is part of Flaming Casino’s data hygiene practices, known as Know Your Customer (KYC), which seeks to ensure protection of both players and the casino at all times.

Flaming Casino Reviews 

“Good and varied game selection that provides entertainment for a long time. In addition to old acquaintances, I found completely unprecedented slot machines and got to test a bunch of last minute machines”

“The freedom of space and the relatively quick money transfers are a powerful way to attract a player like me. I didn't encounter any problems, the whole process of signing up and depositing was really smooth.”

“The newcomer has created a very competent user interface and navigating the service was really effortless. The clear layout and the appropriately colourful theme are a perfect match. The only downside for me was the high limit of €100 for withdrawals.”

Judging by the comments from players, Flaming Casino has been well received, although there are some minor gripes about the high withdrawal limit. This issue is really the only negative aspect that the newcomer has encountered in its short career.

Positive messages have been received about the easy-to-use website and its clear layout, which of course is the first thing the customer sees. In addition, the fact that Flaming Casino is an account-free gaming hub and there are no forms to fill in when starting to play has added to the ease of use.

In addition to the things already mentioned, there is also a wide and varied range of products, which is, of course, the main reason to visit a site of this kind of operator. So we can say that the initial journey has been a pleasant one, and let's hope that the speaker will continue to be on our backs.

Is Flaming Casino a good choice? 

This newcomer is a great choice for players who enjoy the speedy action and want to get straight to the point. This cry has been answered by no-frills venues for several years now, and Flaming Casino is in the same league. With just your bank credentials, you can play without any extra complications and your money flows almost instantly.

It is not only the no-account option that attracts players, but also the range of games on offer. Flaming Casino slaps over 5000 different products on the table, with interesting options for all tastes. Especially those who like Megaways and live gaming will find something to their liking.

The third big thing to highlight about Flaming Casino is its ease of use, which is top-notch. The ingeniously built service works conveniently, as the functions are mainly on one page and, in addition, navigation is intuitive and there is no risk of getting lost. To sum up, this newcomer has something for everyone.

Is Flaming Casino a scam?

This fresh newcomer is run and operated by a company that has been known on the market for quite some time and has a dozen or so gaming hubs under its belt. This well-established company has consistently enjoyed the trust of the general public and has launched a number of top sites, of which Flaming Casino is a perfect addition.

Moreover, as we already discussed earlier, the operator holds a strong license and is under the watchful eye of the authority. It, therefore, cherishes fair gaming and takes care of the security of its customers.

The games at Flaming Casino are the responsibility of a large group of the industry's toughest players, whose machines are proven reliable and their reliability is well taken care of. Add to this one of the most popular payment processors and any rumours of cheating can be completely forgotten.

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Final Thoughts 

Our journey together with the newcomer has now come to an end, so it's a good time to summarise the French lines in our notes. We started with a review of the exterior and usability, both of which impressed us with their clarity and ease of use.

Flaming Casino has an impressive and varied selection of over 5000 games to suit the tastes and requirements of even the most discerning gambler. Of course, a small minus in our editor's mind was the narrow lines of jackpots, but we won't let a minor annoyance get in our way.

Space-free gaming in a modern environment is exactly what today's players want, and it's for this need that Flaming Casino has brought a quality product to the market. If this kind of operator is what you're looking for, then take a closer look at the newcomer's offerings for yourself to form your own and valuable opinion of the fresh operator.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ] 

Is Flaming Casino a trustworthy online casino?

Yes, it is trustworthy, as the operator has a strong license and secure money transfers through a popular payment processor. In addition to this, the site is SSL secured, so users' data is safe.

How do I open an account at Flaming Casino?

When you make your first deposit, you will be automatically opened an account by logging in with your personal banking credentials.

Where can I read about Flaming Casino players' experience?

You can read comments and thoughts here. We offer you to read the messages sent by players regarding the fresh newcomer, so you will definitely get a good idea about the gaming site.

Does Flaming Casino offer bonuses and free spins to new customers?

Depositing players will be given a double €1,000 right out of the gate, and the site also offers weekly promotions and cash back.

How fast are deposits and withdrawals at Flaming Casino?

Funds are moved almost instantly through a popular and proven secure payment processor service. So no time is wasted on waiting.

Is Flaming Casino a scam?

No, it is not a scam. The authorities have checked the operation before granting the operator a licence to operate in the first place. In addition, a wide range of partners brings stability to the gaming site.

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