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Here at Chipz Casino, your first deposit comes with a whopping 100 free spins bonus with no wagering requirements! This is great news, especially for those who appreciate clear rules and fast payouts at online casinos. This is a fast Pay N Play casino that cares about players in every aspect, from bonuses, through games and payments, to customer service. Read our Chipz Casino review and draw your conclusions. Good luck!

First Impression 

The light at the end of the familiar tunnel is shining again as Chipz Casino comes around the bend, continuing the winning streak of Rootz Ltd. This company's previous releases have brought it to the attention of many players and many will have enjoyed the sites of Wheelz, Wildz, Caxino, and Spinz. It's a good-looking bunch and now this company has a new sibling.

What sets this newcomer apart from the previous creations is that this time around, the platform has been given even more modern technology, with Chipz offering fast-paced play using bank credentials. So we have another fresh name in the ranks of account-free operators.Rootz Ltd,

First-hand information suggests that we're in for some stylish artistry in a handsome setting, as well as some very snappy money transfers. Expectations are high, at least in the office, so hopefully, we can convey the mood on the other side of the screen with this review.

About Chipz Casino Website 

Upon entering, guests are greeted by a bright blue-green banner with familiar characters and orcs from popular games. These creatures surround an element that allows players to complete their deposit. It's a familiar pattern, as Chipz is a fast-paced gaming site.

Otherwise, the exterior is full of the features and functions of a space-free site, with little clutter. The sidebar provides the necessary tools for navigating to deposits and games. In addition, an expandable menu allows the user to conveniently navigate to offers and customer service.

The fact that Chipz Casino has been designed as a mobile-friendly service shines through strongly in the implementation. After all, most of today's traffic comes via smartphones, and computers are hardly used as a means of entertainment anymore. The new portal succeeds in that task handsomely, as the site adapts nicely to smaller screens while retaining its clarity.

Mobile-Friendly Gaming 

The company's previous releases have already been smooth and straightforward, so the latest release continues in the same tried and tested vein. The body of the site is similar to previous sites, which has also become a sort of business card for the backer, making it easy to identify its sites.

The plunge into the world of games does not require any special tricks, as logging in with online banking credentials is a snap, followed by a clearly structured games library. Other navigation at Chipz Casino is also very easy, with a menu that opens from the edge allowing you to jump between game coverage and news and promotions.

There are hardly any obstacles along the way, whether you're using a mobile device or a computer, and the operation is really smooth. Chipz also scales nicely to smaller screens, so it's easy to pick up even if you don't have a computer nearby. And with the site's download speeds still rip-roaring fast, we have a real crown jewel in terms of usability.

Just Pay & Play!

Chipz Casino Bonuses

Great news, as depositing players are treated to a rare welcome bonus that doesn't come along too often. Namely, Chipz is slapping players with 100 free spins to use at designated slot machines.

This welcome bonus will be split into ten parts, so you won't be able to scoop the full 100 free spins package in one go. These spins will be available daily, so within 10 days of your deposit, you will receive a set of free spins.

A special feature that is particularly appealing to our editorial team is the complete absence of wagering requirements. So if you happen to win with the games you receive as gifts, you are free to withdraw your winnings from your account.

Chipz Casino Games 

There is a real focus on games, and it shows, with over a thousand different types of entertainment to choose from. Of course, the four-digit number requires several game manufacturers, whose products bring both quality and breadth to Chipz's shelves.

The products are arranged in a convenient way, so that you can easily browse through your favourite genre of equipment. From these categories, you can highlight slot, live and table games, among others, so there's something for everyone. There are also jackpots, scratch cards and bingo, offering a variety of gaming experiences.


The list of games at Chipz Casino can also be browsed by game developer, which allows you to explore some of the newer studios as well as sneak into products from well-known gaming houses. These include but are not limited to:

Overall, the selection is a really fine piece of craftsmanship and the layout makes browsing a dance, which of course makes for a fun experience.


As usual, the largest single group consists of these traditional slots, the principle of which is certainly familiar to almost everyone at some level. You press a button and the reels start moving, stopping in a certain position, with a payline or paylines indicating whether or not the account is filled.

The extensive list of titles immediately jumps out at you with classics, but there are also some fresh releases from both well-known suppliers and smaller companies. At Chipz Casino, the themes and environments vary like the direction of a pinwheel in the eye of a whirlwind, so there's something for every occasion.

Jackpot Games

Big win lovers are in for a real treat, as these jackpot games have taken their place in the line-up. With some of the biggest payouts reaching up to several million euros, a win like this is sure to put a smile on your face.

The range includes the popular Mega Moolah games, of which there are several different versions. In addition, there are just under twenty options, including many other familiar names as well as slightly more recent releases.

Free Chips Bonuses

Megaways Games

This category tends to fall by the wayside when it comes to modern releases, but Chipz Casino hasn't skimped on Megaways games. In total, up to 130 titles have been brought out for players to choose their favourites from. So there's a massive selection on offer and this bunch is conveniently available from their own catalogue.

The popularity of these games has risen in recent years to almost the level of traditional spinners, and there are a couple of good reasons for this. Namely, the payouts are significantly higher than on standard and simple slots, which is also partly due to the high randomness of these games. Indeed, one extra reel brings different types and shapes of paylines.

Live Casino & Table Games

There's no skimping on this duo either, as there's plenty of entertainment on offer. There's a whole category for table games, with the different sub-categories nicely divided up. Poker, blackjack and roulette are all in a straight line and there seems to be no shortage of games in any section.

If live gaming and games are part of your night out then Chipz offers a great package of these games. The tables, spun by real dealers, are filled with a variety of games as well as a few show-stopping spectacles.

Chipz Casino Support 

The site's clear approach to problem-solving is also continued, with customer service easily accessible and a quick way to resolve any issues you may have. There are many ways to contact them and communication with Chipz is possible via email and live chat. So there's no need to be left on your own, as the support team is available 24 hours a day.

For acute situations, it's best to use the chat service, which can be accessed via a menu on the sidebar. A form will then appear on the screen where you can enter your personal identification details, select the language to be used and describe your situation. The conversation will then open and you will be connected to a professional and helpful member of Chipz staff. With him or her, you will go through the situation and receive instructions on how to proceed if the knot does not open during the chat.

Questions will also be answered by email, but of course the response time will be longer. For some people, this is obviously more convenient, but for urgent situations, we recommend the live chat. First aid is also available in the form of an FAQ section at the very bottom of the page and this list provides answers to the most common questions.

Chipz Casino Payments 

In order to be able to play, the operator must, of course, have separate partners for money transfers, through whose services both deposits and withdrawals are made. However, Chipz does not use the familiar cards, e-wallets and mobile payments at all, but only the fast-paced British service.

For the first time in the company's history, players will be able to identify themselves using online banking credentials, rather than having to create a separate account at the outset. Of course, this also allows for very fast withdrawals, alongside equally slick deposits.

There are no smart limits on deposits and withdrawals at Chipz Casino, as it follows the restrictions set by previous releases. To enter, the amount must exceed €10 and for withdrawals, the same lower limit is €20.

Gaming Licence Information 

The newcomer hasn't skimped on the certification, but has pocketed the most prestigious licence in the industry: MGA/B2C/599/2018. The Maltese Gaming Authority, whose prestige is widespread throughout the gaming world, is the guarantor. That's as tough as it gets, so kudos for that.

So this body has originally gone through Chipz's operations and has found no evidence of any unusual dealings. The stamp has therefore been stamped on the side, which allows it to operate. This ensures players have a reliable and safe environment in which to spin the reels.

Jackpot Winners List

Chipz Casino Trustpilot

“I've enjoyed this publisher's previous sites and have been waiting to see when no deposit gaming would land on their site. Now that it's available, I headed straight over to test out the latest service and it was just as high quality as I could have imagined.”

“I didn't find much lacking in the game selection, as the same titles were available as on the previous siblings. So there was plenty of quality games to play and of course, the constantly updated catalogue adds to the entertainment on the road.”

“Of course, the really flashy payouts are always tasty. The customer support team was also helpful, so small hiccups didn't hamper my experience with the fast-charging service.”

The fresh newcomer has been put on hold and players immediately put Chipz Casino's fire-safe environment to the acid test. Of course, at the time of writing, there are not many posts available yet, but a few players who have visited the site have opened up about their feelings.

The initial kick-off seems to have taken place in a positive atmosphere, as the feedback is positive in tone. Particular praise has been given to Chipz Casino's fast money transfers and the huge range of games on offer. The support team and sizzling loading times were also a favourite with players on their maiden voyage in this environment.

Is Chipz Casino for me? 

This diamond in the rough can be recommended to almost any adult you come across who just happens to be interested in gaming. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to the industry. Chipz Casino's ease of use and convenient login method makes for an effortless journey to the most iconic products.

The game selection leaves little to be desired, with a number that will allow for multiple visits and plenty of variety. The level of coverage also remains high throughout the library, with so many hard-core suppliers that the weaker ones start to look a bit dizzy.

Access to Chipz has also been made very easy and up to modern standards, with no need to create a separate account. Authentication is handled with your own bank details and this also brings with it really fast payments. These features are very important to the modern player, so they have been honed to a fine edge.

Is Chipz Casino a scam?

Any suspicions of a scam can be swept aside as this is a site operating under a prestigious government licence. Chipz has therefore undergone a rigorous screening process to ensure that its practices are compliant with the regulations and that it has been granted a licence.

The company behind it is also very well known in these areas and has created a number of popular and safe gaming sites. This company ensures player comfort and guarantees fair play for every guest.

When we look at the offerings at Chipz Casino, we quickly realize that we are dealing with the products of a truly reputable gaming provider. The selection includes only honest games that have been randomly tested and proven to work. So feel free to check out the newcomer and leave any thoughts of cheating entirely to your own devices.

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Our Overall Experience 

No matter how you spin it and look at the newcomer from any angle, no negative thing pops up. The platform on which it is built has already been tested and tuned to the max by previous creations, so Chipz gets a very soft landing in its own sailing.

The game selection includes a reasonable range of different specimens from a variety of different sources, so the search for variety is nicely handled. Add to that the prompt payments and hassle-free entry and you have a handsome young rocket.

This story comes to a close for now, but you can continue the journey by checking out Chipz Casino. We give a warm recommendation to this youngster, whose clear interface and hassle-free login put it above the competition.

Chipz Casino FAQ 

Is Chipz Casino a trustworthy online casino?

This newcomer is a safe place to enjoy and play, as it has a license from the authority and a large number of well-known partners. Therefore, there is no need to worry about reliability.

How do I open an account at Chipz Casino?

A gaming account is conveniently opened when you make your first deposit by logging in with your banking credentials. During this process, your identity will be confirmed and you will automatically be created a user account.

Where can I read about Chipz Casino experiences?

We have published player feedback and messages in the context of this text. In addition, since the site has been launched, we visited the site and based on this we produced our own opinion in the form of a text.

Does Chipz Casino offer bonuses and free spins?

With the welcome bonus, depositing players get a total of 100 free spins on popular slot games. Best of all, these spins are completely non-revolving.

How fast are deposits and withdrawals at Chipz Casino?

Deposits are processed in near real-time, and there is no waiting for games to start. Withdrawals are also prompt, as the operator works with bank authentication.

Is Chipz Casino a scam?

No, it is not a scam, but a completely honest individual. The company behind it is known for its quality operations and this portal is also heavily secured to keep your information safe.

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