CasinoFair $30 (5,000 FUN) free bonus no deposit required

CasinoFair $30 (5,000 FUN) free bonus no deposit required

CasinoFair Review & Rating: 8,8/10 


CasinoFair boasts of being a fair casino and have the confidence to have a better claim to it. With a combination of advanced technology and the benefits of blockchain technology, CasinoFair goes far and beyond anyone else to ensure total fairness.

For CasinoFair, online games can only be fair when the players can confirm every transaction and gaming event. The renowned online gaming industry is positive and has not a grain of doubt to say that it is the fairest online casino in the gaming world.

From the tick of the FairChecker to the scratch of a card, and the spin of a wheel to the rolling of dice, it is only fair to call CasinoFair fair!

About CasinoFair

CasinoFair came into being in the year 2018 and is renowned for being the first online gaming industry to launch live using the FunFair’s ground-breaking Ethereum-blockchain-powered technology. Such initiation in the online video gaming world is a significant move and it continues to appeal to all the players out there.

CasinoFair has internet documentation, operated and owned by TTM BV Corporation (company number, 147248) and licensed by Curacao Interactive Licensing N.V (gaming license number, 5536 authorized by the Governor General of Curacao). Operated by a bunch of passionate and professional casino enthusiasts and advocates of blockchain technology, CasinoFair offers online gaming players with the perfect gaming experience.

CasinoFair implements the blockchain technology in each of its features and aspects. One such instance is the FunFair’s Fate Channels that manage every transaction, payments, and withdrawal made by players. This superior feature enables players to experience flawless gameplay and immediate payouts without any partialities and demanding any deposits while also allowing full power and control over one’s funds.

Besides, by running on blockchain technology, there are no chances of encountering any vulnerable and risky in-house servers. Distinct from other casinos online, CasinoFair offers maximum security and protection over players’ funds and guarantees instant payouts without further delays.

Online players play their game session directly from a cryptocurrency wallet, and the wager is put on hold by escrow through smart contracts before determining the winner. Eventually, the deserving player gets his winnings instantly in his account when he wins.

At present, CasinoFair is offering its service and successfully operating in several geographical sites!

CasinoFair 500 FUN no deposit bonus

Main Benefits of CasinoFair 

  • Assured fairness:

CasinoFair assures each player that the online games they are playing are proven 100% fair to the extent where they can observe it on the blockchain technology. Starting from the first instant a player visits CasinoFairsite, the player is assured of having absolute confidence with every click on the way. Every feature of CasinoFair extending from the sign-up method to the quality gameplay has been created to be fair.

  • Immediate payouts:

Unlike other online casinos that take a couple of days to transfer players’ winnings into their bank accounts, CasinoFair gives out instant payouts. With CasinoFair, a player directly plays from his crypto wallet, and if he wins, he receives his winnings instantly in his account towards the end of gaming sessions.

  • No deposits required:

The fact that players play their online games directly from their wallet means that players need not deposit any money with CasinoFair and which also means that no player would ever lose his power over his funds. Most online casinos typically keep the prize money pending from game players for various unfounded explanations and make it pretty hard for them to withdraw their funds.

  • Extraordinary graphics:

Compared with other online gaming casinos, when it comes to quality and speed, CasinoFair boasts of delivering industry’s renowned online games. The popular gaming casino offers excellent gameplay with mainstream websites and not forgetting to mention the benefits of blockchain technology.

Further Important Details and Information about CasinoFair

CasinoFair Bonus Breakdown 

CasinoFair serves as a perfect platform for online game players who are looking for game bonuses. The fact is that CasinoFair will reward its users the instant a member sign up as a courtesy of an excellent welcome package.

Every new player is entitled to receive a $30 (5,000 FUN) free bonus and an opportunity to win a Ledger Nano S. Once you've wagered over 150,000 FUN, they will put $1,170 (19,500 FUN) directly into your wallet, no deposit required.

In addition to that, once a player starts betting real money on any of the opening games, he also gets the chance to win the 50% FUN back promotion. The player needs to stake over 75,000 FUN across the casino slots within seven days of signing up an account, and he will acquire 4,500 FUN back instantly into his wallet with no deposit required.

Card game enthusiasts can also get a decent choice of blackjack, poker, roulette, and baccarat variants. Besides, CasinoFair offers some few different games such as dice roll and scratch card games to spice up things a little. However, CasinoFair lacks a variety of live casino games which most players get that thrilling adrenaline rushes when playing in real-time against a professional player.

Casino Fair BlockChain

CasinoFair Games Providers 

CasinoFair is the only online gaming industry to use FunFair’s innovative blockchain-operation game technology. Adopting this pioneering blockchain technology means that the game server is not operated by traditional game software providers that one is familiar with including QuickSpin, NetEnt, or Evolution Gaming. Thus, players are shown to an amusing selection of new titles that provide excellent gameplay in every feature.

Account and Verification 

Signing up with CasinoFair for an account is easy and straightforward. Players need to follow the registration instructions on the company’s website and begin playing games in a matter of minutes. The player needs to be verified through FunPass and after having installed successfully and logged into one’s MetaMask wallet so the player can play for real money.

Nevertheless, the CasinoFair operator will guide the player through every step of the process while creating an account, thus making the whole registration process quicker to complete.

CasinoFair’s accepted jurisdictions 

Presently, CasinoFair provides service to players of the following countries:

  • Argentina
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Finland
  • Japan
  • Indonesia
  • Kenya
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Korea
  • New Zealand
  • Nigeria
  • Peru
  • Russia
  • Norway
  • Ukraine
  • Switzerland
  • Thailand
  • Uruguay
  • Vietnam

Nonetheless, CasinoFair is working on expanding and adding more countries to its list very soon.


At present, CasinoFair accepts Ethereum and FUN tokens only as of the primary mode of cash on its official site. To start playing, players can use only the FUN token. Furthermore, the players could do with some ETH in his MetaMask wallet to shell out for GAS.

CasinoFair has revealed plans on its agenda to enable depositing with Fiat coins a possibility in the coming future.

Payment Modes And Limits

No deposit is required to start playing in real currency gameplay at CasinoFair given that the operator enables each player to play games directly from his crypto wallet. Also, the house does not have any control of players’ funds, unlike other traditional online casinos. Players have the advantage of managing funds themselves.

If a player wants to deposit money into a gaming session at CasinoFair, he must transfer FUN tokens or the ERC-20 from an Ethereum address under the player’s name.

Withdrawal Mode And Limits

When a player makes some FUN winnings at CasinoFair, he will receive the funds directly in his digital wallet. With the advantage of blockchain technology, the players do not have to undergo the hassles of withdrawing money as the same is done through direct transfer into the player’s digital wallet within no time. Then the player can withdraw the currencies to his preferred cryptocurrencies and convert them into FIAT money. To exchange these currencies, the players can use the FUN/USD on ETHFinex or FUN/BTC on Binance.


It is worth mentioning that CasinoFair offers excellent gameplay to let players have the ultimate gaming experience. CasinoFair focuses on the quality more than the quantity and delivers a decent variety of online games that is entirely blockchain-friendly.


No online casinos offer high security and protection to the players as the CasinoFair does. All the personal and financial data of the players are in safe hands as CasinoFair operates on cutting edge technology. CasinoFair ensures that every feature of their software integrates the ground-breaking technologies to ensure maximum security to their site, thus averting any vulnerable attacks from hackers.

It is also worth noting that the software operator is controlled and managed by FunFair technologies which make CasinoFair site guaranteed and secured. The use of the innovative blockchain technology on its platform and the cryptography were explicitly created to ensure the safety of the information and data of each player.

Responsible Gambling 

Gambling is an enjoyable spare time activity that needs to be enjoyed in balance, and CasinoFair is one such operator that strictly follows and promotes responsible gambling. CasinoFair is committed to providing its players with safe and online gaming experience. Therefore, this enables the players to limit their amount of time spent on their gambling activities, thus averting any financial losses which are usually caused as a result of constant gambling.

Customer Support 

CasinoFair has excellent customer service dedicated to helping and guiding the players in each step of their way to let them have enriching gaming experience. The casino agents put the needs of their customers first, providing round the clock assistance by employing their smart live chat widget.

The customer support representatives of CasinoFair are forthcoming, quick to respond and ready to lend a hand so the players are assured of getting the help they needed in sorting out any issues that players may experience while having sessions at the site.

For the moment, the detailed FAQ page given below is also worth going through as it provides all the answers to most of the player’s queries even without contacting a support representative.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What are the supported browsers on CasinoFair?
  2. To start playing on CasinoFair site, you can visit the following browsers:
  • Chrome (
  • Brave (
  • Firefox (
  1. Why can’t I use other browsers?
  2. Only the internet browsers listed above are compatible with digital wallet apps, which smoothes the progress of casino transactions in cryptocurrency.
  3. What is a digital wallet?
  4. A digital wallet refers to an encrypted plug-in which enables you to make cryptocurrency transactions browser. It allows websites to retrieve data from the blockchain and allows users to control and manage personal identities and sign deals securely.
  5. Which digital wallets are compatible?
  6. We recommend using the MetaMask digital wallet. This wallet is obtainable as a browser extension for Google Chrome and is built-in to the Brave browser.
  7. How do I create a digital wallet?
  8. If you have not installed the MetaMask digital wallet, download it from your relevant browser app store and, then follow the proper instructions given in the extension.
  9. What funds do I need?
  10. You will need FUN and ETH to start playing at CasinoFair. All the transactions are done using FUN and ETH, which are also used to unlock each new gaming session.

Pros and Cons of CasinoFair


  • Blockchain-power driven operator
  • Proven 100% fair
  • Safe and protected platform
  • Instant transfers and payouts


  • No Fiat currencies accepted
  • Limited to only a few accepted jurisdictions


CasinoFair stands out among other online casinos as one and the first of its kind to adopt a blockchain-friendly operator that place cryptocurrency at the center of its operation. This significant step indicates a vital stage towards blending the world of cryptocurrencies and that of the online gaming world.

Providing the leading games out there which are proven fair, along with bonuses and instant payouts and the benefit of having control over one’s funds, this is one casino operator that goes to the extent of ensuring that the players are shown to a higher online gaming experience. With CasinoFair, a player will have a fun and rewarding experience.

With a variety of games and promotions available, CasinoFair did live up to its name and has achieved in providing players with a secure gaming platform that guarantees fair gameplay. By promoting blockchain technology, CasinoFair remains undoubtedly the ultimate choice of a reliable online casino.

Casino Fair Online Review

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